GotK, opening for DragonForce in 2009

The Duchess in York is best known for two things: its live music, and its reasonably priced alcohol. That’s not why I went on Friday, but it made things easier. I went to see Glamour Of The Kill, a band from York who have begun a UK-wide tour starting in their home town. Supported by Shadows Chasing Ghosts, an Essex-born band, and Melody Of Your Demise (whose origins escaped me), they played the only gig in their home town during this tour, and kicked it off in spectacular style.

Melody Of Your Demise were lacklustre, to say the least. Obviously with such a small venue, the sound won’t be fantastic, but the guitars screeched on occasion, you had to strain to hear the off-key vocals and they clearly thought they were something special (bands who are that much up themselves tend to suck anyway). They had some good songs, and on occasion they got the crowd moving when their friends in the audience helped matters along. Besides that, I can’t say much about them except this: when a band tells the crowd to do something, and no one in the crowd does it, the band look like idiots. This applies very much to Melody of Your Demise.

Shadows Chasing Ghosts were much better, but still not at a fantastic level. With some great songs and ending on their most famous, Home, which has been featured on Scuzz and Kerrang!, Shadows Chasing Ghosts managed to pull off a relatively great performance, from their introduction with some really cool strobe effects and flashing lights to a very energetic performance, which is always good to see in a band. Some technical faults did occur, such as when the rhythm guitarist had to change guitars mid-song because one broke, and when the same man forgot to press the effects pedal and the guitar started to whine something awful, but despite these issues their show was fun to watch, as well as to listen to.

The highlight of the night was most definitely Glamour of the Kill. I hadn’t listened to these guys since their original EP came out, and I hadn’t listened to any of their new stuff, but I had heard good things about their changing style and development as a band. I was not disappointed. They put on a fantastic performance and pulled off spectacular sound despite the small venue. They got the crowd moving on many occasions and even arranged a wall of death (if you can’t guess from the name, this is when the crowd splits into two and then runs at the other side, beating the hell out of each other), which is no mean feat. Their songs were superb, and I, who have never seem them live nor listened to them avidly, will definitely seek to change the latter: their music was superb. When the songs I knew came up, I found myself chanting along and dancing wildly. When songs I didn’t know came up, I found myself chanting along and dancing wildly. They had a brilliant song list, and I would recommend that anyone who hasn’t listened to them should do so ASAP, and all those who have heard them should go to one of their tour gigs. You will not be disappointed.

Also, there were two things that made this gig especially spectacular: I was right at the front – and I mean right at the front – and couldn’t hear out of my left ear afterwards (always a sign of a good gig), and I high-fived the singer. Ergo, I’m cool.