Glamour Of The KillGlamour Of The Kill: The Summoning

If you’ve read my previous post on them, you’ll know I like this band. I also think they are a worthwhile listen for anybody who likes rock music. They’ve been heavily influenced by Iron Maiden and similar classic rock bands, and definitely have that in their sound. While it is true they have a higher tone of vocals more akin to screamo music, they are in no way screamo – they’re heavy, with some amazing guitar solos, awesome lyrics that actually mean something, and some really cool riffs that are guaranteed to get you involved in the music. I’m not saying they have no faults; after all, everyone does. Sometimes, some of the songs sound somewhat similar, and after a while, sometimes the York accent does get a little annoying (especially in their Two Minutes To Midnight cover, which is not on this CD). I will point out I don’t just recommend this album, which just happens to be their début and a killer one at that, but I also recommend their EP, which contains my single favourite song by them: A Hope In Hell. I definitely rate this as one of my best monthly picks.

FlyleafFlyleaf: Memento Mori

Flyleaf, a band from Texas, are something of a new find for me. I’d heard one of their songs, Again (from this album), before on TV and in Guitar Hero 5, but I’d never really given it a proper listen. Later, a guy I know recommended them (actually our Editor-in-Chief here at TSR) and I gave them a try. Believe me, I was impressed. Don’t be fooled by the female lead: this is no Paramore. However, it’s no Arch Enemy either. Sure, the lead can scream when she wants to – and well, at that, unlike some – but the clean vocals are really what makes this music. She has a great voice and with some great sounds, well-paced riffs and catching choruses, as well as some killer bass riffs (as a bass player myself, I give this the Bass Awesomeness Seal Of Approval), this album is definitely a winner. A great band, and a great album.

WombatsThe Wombats: A Guide To Love, Loss and Desperation

Surprised? I have a varied taste in music, and I like this indie band a lot. Seriously, put this on in a bar and I will dance like a complete idiot, sober or not. They have some incredibly catchy songs, with upbeat riffs, some really cool and funky bass lines, and a hell of a sound. These guys have released quite a lot of material, but this, their first album, I definitely recommend. I missed out on the chance to see them live at a small venue, but believe me when I say I will definitely catch them when I can. My favourites are probably crowd-pleasers like Backfire At The Disco or Let’s Dance To Joy Division, but all of these songs I class as my favourites. They are continuously great, and while some slow down, others speed up, and others mess around with sounds and synthesiser effects; none of them can be faulted. None. Don’t believe me? Check them out. These boys from Liverpool are going to get big, hell, they already are! Their singles and CDs are incredibly popular in Japan and are even reaching the states, and with their second studio album set for release in April, I am very much looking forward to a summer of killer music. A definite choice for any music fan, no matter who else you like.