Yeah, I finally remembered this month actually existed, so here are my picks for this month:

Danger DaysDanger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys – My Chemical Romance

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to people who know me that I would recommend these guys. They are simply my favourite band. If any of you still carry an “MCR are emo” mentality, I can assure you that these guys have evolved since their days of eye-liner and songs about suicide. This album combines something of their original style with a much more punk-orientated style and it suits them. Whilst I still maintain that Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge is their best album to date (yes, I’m an emo at heart, don’t judge me), their fourth studio album does indeed hold a high place for me.

After the emo-pop sound of The Black Parade, this album came as a refreshing treat for me and likely many other fans of this band. In fact, I know people who didn’t like My Chemical Romance in the slightest beforehand, but after I recommended them this album, they have started to enjoy MCR’s music. Therefore, I recommend this album for anyone, and I do mean anyone – old fans of MCR will love it and people who don’t exactly love the band will like it too!

An End Has A StartAn End Has a Start – Editors

Editors were a relatively recent find for me. I got into them after a recommendation from a friend, picking up this album on a whim after seeing it in HMV. Since then, I must say that they place among my favourite bands. While I haven’t heard everything they have to offer, I would say that this album definitely should be heard by everyone – the band has a melodic and emotional feel to their music that sometimes invokes a reaction I just can’t get from other music. One of my friends has even cried listening to the first track of this album – I’m personally not that emotional towards any music, but you see my point.

Lyrically and stylistically, Editors have a definitive and unique touch to their music. In this album one can really feel a specific style, which surprisingly is not repeated in every song, so you don’t end up hearing the same track over and over again as you might with some other bands along this genre. Tom Smith, the lead vocalist, has a brilliant voice which adds to the slow, melodic, emotive songs and combines together with everything else to really create some truly inspiring music. I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone who has an interest in this genre, although I’m willing to admit they might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

The HolidayThe Holiday – Futures

True, this is a mini-album, but these guys have only been going for a short while. Based in London, I have seen these guys twice, both in the space of a month, because I loved them so much the first time that I just had to go again. Sure, I usually have a thing against these pop-rock style bands, but hell, I just loved these guys. This album has a really happy feel to it – usually I listen to some depressing stuff, but these guys just have such an uplifting sound. Trust me, the energy that they show on stage transmutes to their recordings, and considering this is their first mini-album I’m definitely looking forward to what they come up with in the future!

I again recommend these to everyone. If they aren’t your thing, that’s fine, and if I’m fair I didn’t think I’d like them until I heard them on a television music channel. They have their first proper album coming out this year, so I would heartily recommend that everyone downloads or buys this – I did both, seeing as the band were letting you download the entire album for free from their Myspace. I’m not sure if they still do, but I’d definitely suggest you get this album any way you can.

There you have it, my music picks for this month. I try to keep it varied, so everyone gets a little something to listen to. I hope you enjoy these bands, I know I did!