So it’s been a week since the first edition of AJ’s Advice, and since then we’ve entered into another month at full speed. Term is starting again, and once more teachers have thrown us all in at the deep end with work, university applications and various forms for re-sits and re-marks of exam papers. It’s been nothing short of hectic this last week, and often getting back to school or indeed starting a new one can be, for lack of a better word, insane.

This time of year can often be the most stressful, especially if you’re starting a new school or college; but I think the main thing is not to be overly scared about it. I suppose that is easier said than done, and it’s probably advice that you’ve already heard before, but seriously, it’s true! If you’re confident, people will have confidence in you. If you’re confident with yourself, you’re more likely to get it right, you’ll focus on the better things, and you’ll learn to deal with the little complications you’ll hit along the way.

Something that can be particularly nerve-wracking on the first day of term is meeting new people, learning names and getting lost. These thoughts were enough to make me cry for hours before I started my first year at Fulford. I never believed anybody when they told me that I’d know my way around within two weeks, but I ended up knowing my way around in just one. Older students started asking me for directions! I’d never been more shocked. My point is, you’ll be able to handle it, and remember that everyone starting a new school, or a new college, or university will feel exactly the same as you. You’ll learn your way around really quickly, and if not, someone will definitely help you. I found about six lost children in a corridor in one day, and helped show them to their rooms. There are nice people out there.

I suppose another thing is when people leave. Beginnings and endings are very similar, aren’t they? People always focus on the daunting start to school life, but never really seem to think about the people who’ve finished all that. It’s all about what comes next for you now. You have so much to look forward to; you can make the best of yourself. Goodness, didn’t that just sound just like an obscure horoscope? What I’m trying to say is everyone has potential to do whatever they want, you just need to find and hone that potential.

So AJ’s Advice for the week: don’t be scared of new beginnings, don’t be scared of ending one school and beginning another – everyone feels the same. It’ll take you roughly… seven days for you to get used to the idea. Someone will help you if you’re stuck, and everything will work out, you just have to work hard along the way.

Now remember, this is your space too, you can literally ask me anything and I’ll try my hardest to help out, or try to find someone or something that can.

Thanks for reading!