Okay, so it’s been six weeks since I started this column, and I thought to myself that I should do this post a little bit differently. Along with this post, though, comes a little plea: if any of you have suggestions for what I could talk about in the next few weeks, please, please, please post them in the wee comments section below!

So this time, I’d like to deal with some questions that I’ve found on Yahoo! Answers, and some that friends have given me. This should hopefully give you a view of how I’ll answer questions you pose to me. Don’t forget, we can keep this completely anonymous; you don’t even have to tell me your name.

Question One: I’m running pretty low on cash, how can I budget more effectively?

Answer: I’m not going to lie, budgeting can be difficult, but I always find that making lists helps. For example – if you need to go out to buy some food and the cake that’s sat on the shelf in the supermarket is staring at you, but you don’t really need a cake, don’t buy the cake, because it won’t be on your list! Make lists of what you need, and try and go for the cheaper options, especially if you don’t have much money. It seems like the obvious thing to say, but trust me, it does work. The amount my family has saved by going for items on offer in the supermarket is insane. Only buy the things you need.

Cooking for yourself also can be cheaper than eating out. It’s not always about cutting the nice things out of your life; it’s more about going for a cheaper version the nice things, if that makes sense. Going back to the cake example, sometimes it’s cheaper to make a cake than to buy one, and recipes aren’t hard to find online. You don’t need the big, pretty, expensive cookbook! When it comes to things like clothing, perhaps opt for quality rather than quantity, and buy things to last. This should stop you buying lots of the same thing, because the darn bag keeps splitting, etc. Hope this helps!

Question Two: How can I deal with period pains?

Answer: A lot of people are afraid to ask this question, which is fair enough as periods can be embarrassing to talk about, but don’t worry – period pains are very common. Now, the most common answer to this is “try a hot water bottle”, but I must admit that I never used to find this helpful when I had period pains, and often I would end up curled up in a ball, crying because it felt like my uterus was being torn out. Not fun. I’d tried everything: paracetamol, ibuprofen, nothing seemed to help. So I went to my GP. She prescribed me a drug called Mefenamic Acid, and that really helped. The directions were to take three a day, but I only ever took one, or two at most. Mefenamic Acid is an anti-inflammatory drug and is specially designed for period pains and migraine. It really does help, so you could try asking your GP about it.

Since then I’ve discovered that my problem could be more than just superficial cramps, and so I’ve been put on the dual contraceptive pill, which also surprisingly really helps. Moreso than the Mefenamic Acid, incidentally. The pill makes your period go like clockwork, makes it lighter, and there are no cramps before! (Bear in mind, I used to curl up and cry.) If you have real issues, I’d really recommend the pill, but if that’s not your thing then you can ask your GP. They will always be happy to help!

I hope people find these answers useful – remember, I’m always happy to help, so ask me anything! If I can’t help, I’ll find someone who can. Thanks for reading this week. Your space; you know the drill.