Because the Warner Brothers are greedy people who can't put the proof in the pudding?

You may be asking yourself why I have chosen the title I have for this article. Well, it aptly fits the new Batman game.  Though well advertised for its award-winning quality, Warner Brothers has completely messed up the release of Batman all over the world. How? I will inform you below.

Firstly, this article has to begin with a short anecdote. I recently received Batman as a gift for my birthday (the release date in the UK was the day prior to my birthday) and though the game was amicable and played on my console I was annoyed because I was promised something with my purchase I didn’t receive: Catwoman. I am one of the unfortunate 0.5% (which is a grossly inaccurate figure from what I can see from posts on the internet) who did not receive a Catwoman code as it is now downloadable content (DLC) for the Xbox and PS3. But this was only the beginning – I was actually given a ‘code’ from the place where the game was purchased, say something along the lines of 0207 984 6480; this was supposedly the Catwoman code. After some investigation, however, I discovered it was actually the phone number for the Warner Brothers helpline! Just to add to the joke, when I rang them up I was told they were too busy and to ring back later. I then sent an email two days ago and have received no response. Talk about a corporate cover up; but I suggest not a lot of this information will go out publicly because Warner Brothers doesn’t want people to know how much of a hash up it’s made of the whole procedure.

Not only has the company not given some people Catwoman codes but it has then given others two or three, which they can then trade and make a profit. Furthermore, other people who have shed the extra expense for the Collector’s Edition have had missing art cards, and sometimes a collectors DVD instead the promised Blu-ray disk.

What a rip off – if only the Adam West and Dick Grayson of the old Batman could see this. Surely Warner Brothers is carrying out one of the Joker’s plots on its trusted customers?

Yet another problem is that to even get this initial content you need to be able to access the DLC, which involves a wireless internet connection on the Xbox or PS3; it isn’t compulsory to use an Xbox 360 so if people really love this game but have an original Xbox they have to spend an extra £60 getting a wireless adapter (fortunately I didn’t have this problem).

For me, this story ended with me taking my receipt and ‘code’ back to the store and getting a refund; I don’t intend to repurchase until Warner Brothers seriously corrects its distribution problems. Meanwhile I’ll be turning my attention to Ezio Auditore and Altair in the much awaited Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. Maybe they can assassinate the conjuror of this insidious plot?