Ah, dear reader, welcome back to another edition of “Alaa’s weekly confessions.” No wait, that’s not right. Advice; I do advice. Everyone has that thing that they’re obsessed with, fixated upon, enthralled by, and so on. Right now I have a massive thing for poultry, as anyone who follows me on Twitter might know. What can I say? Chickens and ducks are just really cool. People’s obsessions can be really annoying (I know this, because I’m really annoying), but we just have to deal with it. What one person finds cool, another person quite possibly does not. Where you are a cat person, someone else is a dog person.

Somebody’s obsession is the sort of thing that after a while, you have to learn to be patient with. Everyone goes through phases of music or books or general insane fandom (Beliebers, I’m looking at you, especially since you were trending on Twitter when I started writing this) and it’s almost always irritating at the start, especially if you don’t know what they’re on about or if you don’t like what they’re liking. (Seriously, I mean who has a fixation with ducks? What a weirdo.) Remember, there’s probably something you squeal about that they really don’t.

If it’s an obsession that really, really gets on your nerves, then tune it out or go to your happy place. Don’t be mean to someone if they like something that you think is perhaps immature or that you just dislike. The wars groups of fans wage against each other get a tad wearing after a while – just don’t bother. Make friends, not inter-fan-clan tension. Don’t be like the tech world where everyone sues everyone else. Let’s all just be happy with each other, deal? Just ignore the annoying side of it. I find myself doing that a lot; granted I tend to look vacant, but at least I’m ditzy and not angry.

Going through phases of loving or hating something is perfectly normal, so you can wait out the crazy fixations: odds are it’ll disappear at some point. While you’re waiting for theirs to disappear, why don’t you immerse yourself in your own? Get a duck, buy a book, become a cheese expert, whatever. It’s our quirks that make us interesting and those quirks often come from the things we in turn are interested in, whether it be Justin Bieber, poultry, or music.

Well, there’s not much else I can ramble on about now, so I suppose that’s all from me for this week. Feel free to get in touch with questions, comments and suggestions for future articles. Otherwise, I will just end up talking about ducks for several hundred words. Thanks for reading, and see you next time!