Funny, isn’t it?
How you can’t spell emotion
Without motion.

I won’t be the first
To confess
I’m absent-minded.
Shifting between one thought and another,
An emotion to another.

Funny, isn’t it?
How we’re always moving,
Even when we’re not really moving.
Where there’s no energy,

The flourishes of thoughts,
The motions of emotions,
Dancing around each other,
Like people so often do,
It’s fun to watch them,
When we’re not fluttering,
Off into our own worlds.

By Alaa Jasim


In the Inevitable

Wake up.

Drag the inertia out of your ears
And onto your fingers. Understand

Your life is a series of steps
Preordained before blistered feet pound

Cracked and blasted ground.
God frowned on your precious loves

And smashed them on a concrete floor,
Splinters flying past the glass ceiling

Of a home built by yourself, walls of self-pity
Paired with rugs of regret so ugly

There couldn’t possibly be anything left
After your miserable misery and sympathy theft.

Wake up,

For your plain princess has left without you,
Her sore feet marking trails of vibrations

For the rabid rabbits and love-foxes to follow;
She wears her inked-in heart on her tattered sleeve.

Understand – there was nothing any man could do;
You mangled the future before it came

With curses and wallows in lonely pits of self-blame
While the doors to the cold castle shut in your face.

Race her and catch her before she goes, stupid man;
For atonement and hope go hand in hand, each after the other

Before you can mend any crime you’ve made, stupid man,
Wake up now.

By Joshua Teo


Movement of two sides: “Light vs Darkness”

Two squares forward, and my troop stands ready to fight.
I just hope the move I made was right.

The enemy sends a horse galloping forwards glaring down at my man.
I look away from my soldier knowing I need to lose him to forward my plan.
My castle advances in a forward charge blocking off the escape of the evil king.
The dark horse charges into my soldier and crushes him into the ground,
his body crumples to the ground, the enemy commander smirks as my army are surrounded by his
in a tight ring.

Gritting my teeth I send my queen forward to do battle.
However she is soon surrounded by the dark side, the evil army surrounding my troops
like a monster ambushing defenceless cattle.
My other rook charges forward obeying my command and forces the enemy king to move to stop the attack.
I know that I can win this battle now that my army is fighting back.

My queen dissolves into nothingness as she is obliterated by a javelin thrown by an evil bishop, in a few seconds she is gone.
The enemy’s army grins manically as if they are about to break into a dark song.
I won’t give up though I will move forward, my foot soldier bravely walks forwards one space.
It looks like he will get to the other side that is, until he is crushed by a blow from a knight carrying a mace.

My bishop shoots an arrow at the heart of the evil king.
He retreats one space backwards to avoid the arrow’s sting.
I smile and take my chance my castle forces that dark king to take a step back.
He had no other choice; his retreat prevented his king from receiving a fatal whack.

My other castle forces him to retreat to the back line of his battle zone.
My foot soldier moves to the enemy’s final line, I hear his army scream and moan.
After all his hard work my man has been promoted, he is swallowed up and evolves surrounded by a pure white light.

My queen rises from the ashes and utters two words “Check Mate” as the evil king falls to the ground.
I have won this battle in the end my instincts, plans, and hope have allowed me to win.
I knew I should never give up as I can always move forward and win,
and I was right.

By Alex Dib-Bennett


Foundations and ends

Until we meet again my friend,
the end of then is spent.
What it meant I cannot tell,
but I guess it went.

Standing and weeping down
Senlac hill
as the battlements fall, revealing all.
The air seeps with deep hoarse victory cries.

And I watch
as meaningless arrows
occupy the space
where cumulus clouds used to lie.
And a solitary passage rings in the mind
always hard to vocalise.

Rolling boulders with my shoulders
to stop the tide approaching.
Crashing down on rock and sand
they leave the pathway broken.

An army rage on Senlac hill
and strip all hearts from racing,
while overhead two shadows stand
uselessly embracing.

Morning comes and with the dawn
the tinted ground shines,
as newly pealing worship bells
ring on with shriller chimes.

By Georgie Tindale


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