It’s been a while, readers, because I’ve left home for university. I’ve moved about 220 miles away and it’s probably the most frightening thing I’ve ever had to do. For a lot of us, it’ll be really scary – and for good reason. Moving away for university is a really big life decision, and leaving home and jumping into unfamiliar waters can often just make you want to cry (and goodness have I cried!), but it’s something that most of us heading for uni will go through and we’re all in the same boat.

So. Leaving home. You’ve got to remember that there are always those people who will settle in much more quickly than others and that everyone is different in this situation. Some people can find their way around a city really, really fast, others (like myself) take a bit longer to adjust, and that’s fine. Don’t feel intimidated, just let people show you the way and you’ll soon pick it up also.

Probably one of the most important things is making yourself feel at home in your new surroundings. Get everything unpacked straight away and make your space your own so it doesn’t feel unfamiliar. Once you’re comfortable in your new home, you’ll probably find it easier to get more comfortable in your new city (if it is a new city) as well.

Make sure you keep to some of your old routines, as well as making new ones. Once you get into a bit of a mindless pattern, it’s easier to do things. Obviously some¬†spontaneity is good as well; make sure you have fun and don’t do anything just to please someone! As well as that, if you’ve got a routine when you’re at home and you keep it going, then you’ll begin to feel a bit more at home straight away.

Get out and explore! Especially if you’ve moved into a new city and you don’t know your way around. Take a friend or a flatmate and just wander around the city and see what you can find. I recommend taking a map (or a smartphone) in case you really get lost. Finding out where the city centre is will be handy, as well as finding the nearest food shop for the inevitable “Oh crap, I’ve got no food in the house!” moment. Don’t spend all your time hiding in your room. It’s definitely intimidating being in a new place, but face it head on and make new friends and everything else will come a bit more easily.

Remember: most people moving away for university are in the same boat as you. You won’t be the only scared person in the city, having just moved there – there will be hundreds or thousands of you! Get to your student union, you’ll find a few more.

Good luck if you’re moving away this week or in the coming weeks, enjoy Freshers’ week (if you haven’t already) and make sure you have fun before the work starts piling up! That’s all from me for this week – if you’ve got any suggestions, questions, or comments then feel free to get in touch. Otherwise, until next time. Thanks for reading!