Why should I donate? After being heckled by the donation bucket for the millionth time, or after being chased down the street by someone wanting you to sign up to their latest scheme, this is what we ask ourselves. So why should you donate to Missing People? We won’t force you to donate, or hassle you. We only ask for you to support a cause that you personally would appreciate if anything were to happen to you.

When we envisage a person’s disappearance, we immediately question what happened to them, and ask where they are. But, importantly, Missing People helps those that are often ignored in these situations: the families. They provide support not only to those who have gone missing out of their own choice, or to those who have been taken without their will, but for those that are left behind also. Missing People provides support for everyone – their offer of a lifeline number for those missing to call their families anonymously is only one example.  The charity unites groups of people to help with the search, who try their hardest to find those loved ones that are no longer there.  But Missing People needs your help. The charity is not funded by the government, and it needs your donations for this precious work to continue.

Anyone can go missing. As a child, do you remember how easy it was to become lost within that huge supermarket? Where you spent what seemed like hours running down the aisles and becoming more and more frantic as you searched for Mum or Dad’s face? The feeling your parents endured will have been horrific, even for only the few minutes for which you were missing. But imagine living with that feeling day after day, constantly asking where and why. This is why Missing People needs your help. We need you to donate, to hopefully help end this pain and find those that are missing.

This year we are completing ‘The Great Cake off’ as a fundraising event, where we will sell cakes in schools, work and other places within the community, making our cakes totally unique and creative by baking them to look like celebrities! The ‘Mile for Missing People’ event will also be taking place, alongside the opportunity to sponsor those that are running marathons in order to support this essential lifeline.

On February 27, 2013, 15 volunteers including myself have decided to skydive for the Missing People cause in the hopes of raising £500 each. We aim to raise a total of £7,500, which would help those that need this lifeline so badly. It takes £10 to make that call between the missing person and their loved one. For those people that have no one to turn to, and need this support line, this money could really help. This year I’ve decided to get involved, and give something back. The Olympics and Paralympics have inspired me like so many others, and I want to make that difference. I want to be able to make someone happy, to do something unexpected for others, and make those things that I deemed impossible, possible. Personally, I am absolutely terrified of skydiving, but as long as I am helping at least one person to return home safe and sound, then I would do this a thousand times over.

I also had the opportunity to talk to Sarah Mountain, the Development and Coordination volunteer for Missing People in Yorkshire. I asked her why she wanted to do the skydive, and she answered: “I just wanted to give something back to the community and help others. So I figured why not do something memorable that will really grab people’s attention – and so I decided to skydive.” Sarah has enjoyed being part of the Missing People Charity and its many projects. She can personally see how her hard work is helping those that need it.

Your money can also help new Missing People cases to be solved as quickly as possible, shortening the amount of time that loved ones feel hopeless and are left without answers. With your help, we can try to understand why people go missing, and help to find them. Help my friends and I today by donating to the skydive challenge. You will be making a huge difference by donating even the smallest amount of money.

You can find out more about Missing People here, donate to me here or donate to Sarah here.