Ladies and gentlemen, authors and editors, columnists and commenters:  Happy birthday! It’s hard to believe, but it was indeed two years ago today that a small group of students in York banded together, armed with nothing but big ideas and a few scraps of copy, and set out to launch the very earliest incarnation of The Student Review into the world.

And my, what an adventure it has been. 717 published articles later, we’re going on for one article published every single day of our existence. A hundred thousand people read our content over the last year. We’ve inspired other newspapers. And perhaps most excitingly, we’ve started receiving submissions from students as far away as the USA and Singapore. Maybe the “UK-based” part of our description won’t last that much longer – though rest assured that the “independent” and “student” parts will never disappear.

Yes, it’s been a wild and exciting journey, and I am quite confident that it will continue on for many years to come. But my part in the tale is coming to an end. Nominations for the annual election of TSR‘s Editor-in-Chief closed yesterday, but I have not submitted my name; I will be handing over the role to whomever wins the vote on February 20th.

After two years, I’m stepping down in large part to focus on other opportunities and challenges that have come along since I first took up the job. But I also feel it’s time to give someone else a shot at running the show. TSR is living proof that a democratic, independent student newspaper can not only survive but thrive, but the final test will be whether it can stay strong despite changes at the top. I believe that it can.

That said, I hope to stick around. I’d like to resume writing regularly, which this job doesn’t always allow for, and maybe work on the website – we’ll have to see what the new vozhd has in store! On which note, I wish the very best of luck to all the election candidates.

Finally, a couple of thank-yous. First, to the editorial team: Sep, Alaa, Georgie and Oliver. You all know the hard work you’ve put in to push and pull TSR to its second anniversary, and I am very grateful to have worked with such a brilliant group of people. Second, to all our contributors: your articles make TSR what it is. Keep it up! And third, of course, to our readers: you make it all worth it.

I’m sad to be leaving, but also very proud. I can’t wait to watch TSR reach ever-greater heights in the future, and I hope you’re as excited as me. Happy birthday once again!