Being ill sucks. I’m ill right now: I have a cold. I know that a cold doesn’t sound all that serious, but being a guy I’m incapacitated. So naturally I haven’t been in college all week, after I learnt my lines (I’m a performing arts student) and finished my other homework – actually I lie, I haven’t done any of this because I’m ill. I’ve been sitting around getting bored and lonely. Something had to give, I needed entertaining, so I searched for something to do.

Watching the tellybox seemed the obvious choice, but as usual there was nothing on. A few days beforehand, however, my mum had suggested watching an American show called Breaking Bad, and boy is it amazing.

Breaking Bad follows the story of a 50-year-old high school chemistry teacher, who after being diagnosed with lung cancer becomes a crystal meth dealer to provide for his family after his death. When I was first told what the show was about I cringed, thinking it would be just another shoot ’em up show filled with excessive swearing and pointless sex. But my mother tends to have good taste in television – though she does watch Emmerdale and Coronation Street, both of which bore me sideways – so I do tend to trust her judgement (I ought to say that because she’s probably going to read this and won’t be pleased about my comments on soap operas) and hence I gave Breaking Bad a try

I watched the entire first series in one day. Which is six 45-minute-long episodes, so a day’s worth of telly goodness.

I must apologise now for my use of the word “tellybox,” but  it was something I started on my blog and now it is just something I do.

Anyway, Breaking Bad – it really is an excellent show, partly because it is so well written. But mostly because the main character, Walter, ends up – SPOILER – killing someone, and he struggles, it makes him feel guilty and he has to deliberate over it. I think that this is amazing. I have seen so many stupid films with protagonists who push paper for a living, who are quietly married and who aren’t murderers; but as soon as they’re handed a gun, bang somebody’s dead and no one cares. They seem to adopt this senseless killing as though it were normal, and they kill and kill and kill and show no remorse or sign of guilt. I’m afraid I can’t think of a good example but it does happen very often.

If I killed someone I imagine I’d be pretty shaken. Ending somebody’s life would bother me, it would make me guilty and stressed – I’d have nightmares. It goes the other way too: we often have a protagonist who lives all nice and peacefully, then suddenly they’re getting shot at but they shrug and carry on as normal! Now excuse me if I’m being a wuss, but if you were to fire a gun at me (or attempt to end my life in any fashion) I’d be terrified, I’d be shaking and cowering and I certainly wouldn’t be all calm and relaxed. I would be out of there like a rat out of an aqueduct. Because for the average person murder is not part of normal life. I may seem naive when I say this, but murder happens on the news – if it were to actually occur in my life I’d be really cut up about it.