So, readers, I don’t know if you know this, but I am pretty clumsy. Sometimes, dangerously so. None of my clumsiness has yet led to disaster, touch wood, but I have had my moments. Graceful people of the world just laugh at clumsy people like me. The problem is, it can be a genuine problem. Luckily, I can function in day-to-day life, but simple things like walking on uneven ground can prove challenging. Cobbled streets are pretty much my worst nightmare. But lately, I’ve discovered simple things that can help, so, dear reader, if you’re anything like me, read on.

1. Keep focused when walking: For some incomprehensible reason, I find the sky fascinating when I’m out and about, which often results in embarrassing bumps and bruises. You’re admiring those funny shaped clouds and before you know it – boom! Window in your face. Or you trip over a pebble in the road. Or you slip on the ice and almost fall on top of your neighbour’s small dog… keeping focused on where you’re actually going really helps avoid these kinds of accidents.

2. Flat shoes on uneven ground: Like I said, cobblestones are a nightmare. A horrible, horrible, ankle-breaking nightmare. Now this one is aimed a little more at the ladies, but if you can foresee that you’ll be going somewhere that no high heel has ever gone before, there’s probably a reason. Don’t try and go heely on the area, you might well just end up hurting yourself and looking less graceful than if you were wearing a nice, safe pair of flat shoes. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s nice to feel a bit taller, but sometimes, it’s just not worth it.

3. Think on your feet: You drop something and it smashes, clean it up quickly, drop a match on someone’s skirt, put it out before it becomes dire. Thinking quickly can cause fewer injuries. Work on your reflexes; they’re there for a reason. Don’t just do what eleven year old me would do and stare in horror at the broken plate on the kitchen floor. Safely sort it out before you end up with a bigger mess caused by clumsy moments.

4. Be able to laugh it off: So you tripped over; it’s alright! People do it all the time. Little things like this, you can just laugh off, no fuss needed. Being able to laugh the little things off might well just make you feel a bit better. Of you can give yourself a bit of good humour, the world might not seem like such a disaster filled place.

Clumsiness can last a life time, so it’s important to take control of it. Yes, we’ve all had our moments, and some have been painfully embarrassing, but just remember, there are other clumsy people out there who share your pain. There are always areas in life where you’re more clumsy than in other times; take pride in those moments and you’ll steady out in others. That’s all from me for this week, I hope you enjoyed another one of Alaa’s week, and as always, questions, comments and suggestions are welcome. See you next time!