Yes, I know, it’s been a bit longer than a while. Honestly, I’ve been lacking in inspiration lately, and trying to sneeze out a piece of writing can often just result in a blank page and a massive headache. And believe me, there have been many headaches. Finding something to inspire you, not just to write, but to paint, to work to generally enjoy being alive can be difficult, but you just have to find a system, or a set of things that won’t fail to inspire you. That way, you won’t be blank for more than a bit longer than a while. Here are the things that inspire me most (in no particular order):

1. People

I have quite an extensive set of friends, who at times have been my support group, my therapists, the best people in the world and the most distracting people I have ever met. Almost every time I get stuck, I’ll moan at someone, or just rant to someone about my life and generally be a bit moody. Having people around you can be so brilliant when you’re lacking in inspiration because everyone is so different and individual, you’re bound to find something in someone that just kicks you into action. As well as that, people are just great for giving ideas; I know I’ve asked for more than my fair share of ideas from my friends.

2. Visual Art

Yeah, I am a walking, talking cliché. What about it? Visual inspiration can be powerful, and often can stimulate the brain much better than many other things. Galleries do sometimes have a reputation for being boring, but if you get yourself over to one, you will almost definitely find something that inspires you, whether it’s the most huge Renaissance periods, or the tiniest Surrealist pieces. Inspiration floats around almost every corner in those kinds of places.

3. Music

I do often find myself humming something that I’ve just heard or something that I’ve really liked the sound of. Music can stimulate the brain and kick it into gear, and generally help you think much better. I find it helpful to think with a beat in the background. Total silence feels a little bit exam-like, and nobody really likes exams, do they? Although silence is sometimes a bit more helpful than constant noise, working with something going in the background (like I am now) can be quite good.

4. Newspapers

Or, reading through other people’s work. Being able to see what other people are thinking, or how other people write or work can influence how you work, and can help you learn. Reading the news always gets me thinking, and I think it does the same for a lot of other people, so it’s definitely worth a shot!

5. Walking

Sometimes, there is nothing better than a bit of fresh air and being left alone with all your thoughts. Getting you body moving and doing a bit of (sort of) exercise by walking around outside is a good way of getting inspiration without over-thinking things so much that you end up with a frustrated expression and nothing to show for it. It’s a good way of relaxing and letting ideas come to you rather than you running out to find them.

Inspiration can be hard to come by, especially when you’re busy with whatever life is throwing at you. Little, simple things can keep you going, but sometimes, just leaving something for a little while and coming back to it is the best thing to do. However, that’s it from me for now! As always, comments and suggestions are always welcome, but until next time!