“I hate funerals” Jason blurted out as his mother flicked his left ear across his cheeks. Jason rubbed his ear and sensed that it was his cue to be quiet. All eyes in the church turned their heads in unison to witness a beaten boy; drowning in his own tears, he treaded down the aisle, and each step he took he tried to pick up pieces of he and his brother’s shattered lives. He had approached the top of the church. Nathan made eye contact with his brother Marcus and ambled across to sit next to him. Marcus shifted from Nathan.  Nathan noticing this held his head in his hands and looked down. This fatality was his entire fault, everyone acted as if it was unfortunate but deep down they all knew that Nathan Marsh was responsible for this death. Reflection started to dawn on him.

This all had happened because Nathan’s mother had died, at least that would be the only valid reason for acting the way he did. Nathan had always lived a happy life with his father mother and older brother but that had all changed in the summer of two thousand and eight. His mother had been admitted into hospital with breast cancer but they family stayed compacted but that all evaporated as Nathan arrived home from bible study to witness expressions of tragedy on his family member’s faces. It was vividly clear that his mother had died. Since that day Nathan had been in full rebellion against the world. Normally refusing to vegetables is a problem faced by parents but having your child not talk at all but only when asked to can be daunting.

The start of the new term was that morning, Nathan stayed awake all night spectating a football match. No evidence of tiredness could be caught on his face. He lay there with his back against the concrete walls. His durag sat uncomfortably on his head. The head battled with the garment on it to continue bopping to the music in his head. Behind all this Nathan thought about his late mother’s desire of him going to school. At that very moment dad slowly opened the door; dressed in his usual attire his factory work suit was as pressed as usual. Dad had worked in the local factory his whole life and his eldest son Marcus was at college getting ready to better his father. Not much could be said about Nathan though, just a rebellious teenager trying to avoid being the centre of attention. The contrast was there to see in the room. Dad dressed well while Nathan lay there in his own stains and filth.
“Oh good you’re awake. Get ready for school then” Dad said in a calm manner. Nathan his faced blanked laid there watching his father leave then continued to stare up at his ceiling with his hands on his head. Nathan stayed there for the next forty minutes until his father barged in again
“are you having a laugh? I’m through with all this, if you’re not outside in the next twenty minutes by the car, you’re out! I mean it Nathan. I am not going to be the father of an illiterate!” with this father left with a stern look on his face.
Nathan knew his dad was serious. Dad always knew how to alert Nathan after all he was his son. Nathan got up and smirked to himself before slapping his clothes on.

Nathan stood by the car calmly awaiting his father’s arrival. His shirt neatly pressed although his coat posed uncomfortably over his blazer; his tie was bulged and was not close to the six button basic requirement. His trainers glimmered proudly with the ruck sack prepared for the day ahead. At last dad came out, checked his watch and then sucked in air with his teeth. He then removed his keys, unlocking the doors in the process; Nathan followed suit and sat in the car.

Nathan arrived at school, form period had begun thirty minutes earlier but yet dozens of school children continued to fraternize with their peers in the playground. Nathan’s friend’s Jamarr and Jason caught a glimpse of him as he walked through the school gates towards the main building. Running after him they started to shout out his name, simple logic applied to him that it was his chubby friend Jason; with his glasses and crisps particles around his mouth. Nathan came to a complete stop and he even managed to portray and unconvincing smile. Jamarr strolled down giggling at the two. His carefully plaited cornrows out shone his durag, he was a slim figure. All three of them exchanged fist hugs and made their way into the main building. Jamarr and Jason had become use too Nathan’s silence and rather got on with it. As the triple interacted a bald crocked figure appeared from the corner it was Mr Andrews. His face was one not to be joked with. His uneven head somehow managed to balance on his shoulders. The retro suit suited his skin tone along with his feet garments which were neatly polished. He marched towards the three boys in an attempt to assert his authority.
“What do you think the three of you are playing at?” he questioned rhetorically. The boys looked at him in shock. Pointing his finger at Nathan,
he asked “any new excuses for me Mr Marsh?” Nathan stayed quiet along with his friends.
“Right then, Detention for the lot of you!” he quickly began to distribute detention slips. However a dim shadow in school uniform placed his hands on the teacher’s shoulders. His ear stud glimmered along with his yellow teeth. His uniform could not be spotted at first as his long solid chain covered his torso and under the hood Nathan could recognise the ex-convict who went by the street name of Spikes.
“Take the slips back and walk away old man” Spikes whispered but loud enough for the boys to hear.
“I beg your pardon” Mr Andrews said with uncertainty. Spikes lifted up his puffer jacket and exhibited the long black object with a plain silver top, the tip as sharp as a thistle. The dagger winked at Mr Andrews.
Spikes summoned slowly “collect the slips and walk away. Don’t make me ask you the third time” with this being said Mr Andrews took the slips from Jamarr and Jason but when he leant his palms out towards Nathan, Nathan had scrunched it up into a ball and chucked it against the floor. The fear in Mr Andrews’s eyes was there for all to witness. Spikes and Nathan exchanged immoral looks.
“Pick it up!” Spikes shouted. As Mr Andrews bent down to pick up the paper Jason and Jamarr were shocked and sympathised with the head of English. They were too frightened to intervene. Slowly the pair walked away leaving Spikes, Nathan and an unfortunate old man in the hallway. In tears Mr Andrews took the slips and put them in the bin. Not daring to look back at either of them he staggered away. Nathan and Spikes began to laugh and took time to introduce themselves; they exchanged fists and carried on to their lessons.

The bell for lunch rang as the crowd of maroon blazers headed for the cafeterias and playgrounds. Nathan called out to jamarr in the hallway; Jamarr stopped with displeasure and waited his arrival.
“Where did you go?” Nathan questioned. Jamarr stood there frozen with shock.
“Your speaking again” words struggled to leave his mouth.
“Yes” Nathan smiled.
“Anyways is there something you need?” Jamarr hurriedly asked.
“Earlier on where did you and Jason go?” Nathan queried. Right at that moment Nathan caught sight of Jason hustling and bustling through the crowd. At last he reached them and stood on Jamarr’s side.
“Feeling happy with yourself Nathan?” Jason asked. Nathan confused
“I don’t know why?”
“Mr Andrews did not turn up for my English lesson instead we were taught by this bimbo teacher for English. Apparently Mr Andrews is retiring” Jason revealed.
“What’s that got to do with me?” Nathan wondered.
“It’s everything to do with you and Spikes!” the crowd turned their heads looking at the three of them. Jamarr’s tone of voice went up in negative momentum.
“You stay away from spikes bro” Jamarr warned Nathan.
“That was a joke” Nathan said trying to defend his actions.
“A joke too far mate.” Jamarr looked in Nathan’s eyes before walking away. Jason had a face of realisation and uttered
“you’re talking again?” Jason then proceeded to hug Nathan shortly after punching his arm.
“If I get a bad grade, it’s all on your bro” with this Jason disappeared into the crowd of students walking downstairs.