With their debut EP launch happening at Fibbers in York, Lost Trends are one of the many up-and-coming bands in the York music scene. We caught up with lead singer Stephen ‘Rusty’ Green to ask them about how things are progressing, and how they plan to develop from there.



Sep Gohardani: Hi there, as a starter, could you tell us a bit about the band?

Lost Trends: Hi Sep, the band started two years ago in 2011 with me (Guitar/Vocals), Peter Knaggs (Guitar) and Sam Holliday (drummer’s brother) just writing acoustic songs in my house, when Sam went travelling he got his brother John Holliday  to start playing drums for us.

After that I got my brother involved to play bass, we practiced for about a year writing songs until we decided to start gigging. Our first gig was at Fibbers and we instantly pulled in a big crowd. After about four gigs my brother had to leave because he couldn’t put the time in that was required. I placed an ad on Gumtree and we found our new bassist, Adam Perkins, after that it’s been smooth sailing recording our EP and playing more gigs.

SG: What sort of band would you describe yourselves as, genre wise?

LT: We play fast indie/rock with a bit of funk in there, I’m more drawn to punk and Peter likes his funk so it was a while before our guitar styles started to work together.

SG: Was it a difficult leaning curve for all of you as a result then, with your different backgrounds in music?

LT: Not really, we had all been in bands before and were friends beforehand so it was always a comfortable and creative environment, it just meant we started writing songs in a different way which for me made it even more interesting.

SG: I’m glad. How has the band progressed since your first set of releases on ‘Lies’?

LT: This is our first proper release, we had done some recording before this but were never a 100% happy with it. Over the past year we have progressed with our song writing though, and we are trying new things and bringing more effects in to the songs,  as well as maybe lowering the tempo a little as we are getting more confident with our sound.


SG: So, what are you hoping to achieve with the EP, will it lead on eventually to a full record?

LT: At the minute we are really just hoping the get the sound out there and see what the reaction is to it, and hopefully get more interest. We are going to keep recording with Tom who did this EP and keep putting more out there. If someone offers to record us I’m sure we would take it but at the moment it’s just seeing is people like it, we are a very progressive band and are always writing new songs so we like to get as much recorded before we move on.

SG: Sounds like a very astute plan. Who would you say the band’s influences have been for this first EP?

LT: Regarding the structure and the tempo of the songs we really work a lot on the drums, modern bands like Foals and Bloc Party have a real dance feel to them especially with the structure, long breakdowns so they build and build but that only really shows on the title track (Buy the World). The other songs and more catchy rock songs but still work together.

When we got Tom [McCluskie, the EP’s producer] involved he started to bring a more electronic feel to our music which we loved so some parts have a Kasabian feel but still with our sound. I always going back to my punk roots which I think work really well with our progressive dancey feel, simple riffs that build and build. Bands like Pixies, Peter’s guitar playing is more funk like the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

SG: Sounds like a very interesting mix. You’ve told me you’ve gigged at Fibbers before, are you hoping to get a similar reaction to the one you got the first time at this EP launch?

LT: We have played Fibbers about 5 times now every time we play the crowd is getting bigger, we started taking the whole night and sorting out the bands that will support us, bands that work well with our sound, we wanted a night where people wouldn’t just come for one band and then leave and I think it has really worked. I think this will be our biggest gig to date.

SG: I’m glad to hear it. Do you think you will be touring other cities to support the EP as a result then, or is this as yet undecided?

LT: We are hoping start gigging as many places as possible, as we have all been in bands before we know that it’s harder to bring in a crowd when it’s not your home city so we are starting to network and gig with out of town bands so that when we do play more people will see us live.

SG: Well, I hope it works out well for you, thank you for answering the questions.

(All images courtesy of Brendan Hopkinson of Portfolio Studios www.portfoliostudios.co.uk)

To listen to the new EP, Buy The World, go here 

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The EP launch is at Fibbers on the 3rd of August. For more details go to the Fibbers website.