Everyone has their share of bad experiences, and they happen all year round, usually when you don’t expect it, or when that little bit of bad news is anything but what you wanted to hear at that specific moment in time. Bad experiences come at bad times, which always make them that little bit worse. But the painful optimist in me always wants to make the best of something disheartening or saddening. It’s like seeing a friend in pain – you always want to help but you won’t necessarily always be able to. You can’t always make something good out of something bad, and you won’t always want to even try, but sometimes, it can help more than you’d ever think.

Summer, and the beginning of winter have, within the last few years, become times of year that I find really, quite difficult, because typically it’s those times of year – when I’m just settling down for summer, or just back at school in the autumn, that I’ve been hit by a piece of bad news that sends me reeling and brings a wave of confusing sadness that I don’t really know how to get a handle on. Sometimes it’s those things that make you just feel helpless, and it’s things like that which stop us from functioning properly, and I don’t know about you, but it’s that feeling that I really hate, but the good thing is that as people, even though we might feel a bit helpless, sometimes we can put a spin on it.

A lot of the time, a coping mechanism for me – which you might be able to tell from my many, many articles for TSR – is writing something. And a lot of the time, I put that something on the internet for other people to see, in the hope that someone will see something that I write and identify with it, and maybe it just might put a smile on their face. It’s that kind of painfully optimistic hope that I carry around with my laptop or notebooks. A lot of the time, that’s how I choose to put my positive slant on something that happens to me. Other times it’s a way that I’ll actively apply something to myself, like listening more and complaining less. People sometimes complain at me that I’m a bit too quiet when they first meet me (people who know me well are now looking at this and shaking their heads), but it’s just because at first, I like to do most of the listening.

I think it’s important to find something to be able to put a slant on negative experiences to make you feel more optimistic about life surrounding them. Something that will pull you out from reeling or feeling down and depressed. Something proactive, that will make you feel better about the world. We’ve all had that moment when we’ve decided that the world must just be turning against us because that’s how it seems. Everything builds up until you just sort of want to explode. But if there comes a period when you just get bad news after bad news, then maybe the best way to deal with it is to make small positive changes and break up the horribleness that’s coming your way – make something good out of something bad, and it might just help.

Anyway, I suppose I’d better stop my rambling again for now. As always, feel free to leave questions or comments below. Thanks for reading – see you next time!