Drawn into a dream
waiting to be fulfilled,
But something is stopping it.

A lost idea,
A distant thought
Building itself,
Creating itself,
Living out
As a dream
Held back.

Drawn into a dream
waiting for reality,
As I am brought back,
Jerked into a grey existence,

Living for a dream.

By Alaa Jasim

Cupid’s Decree

I deign to disagree with the designer who made me
With but one true love only in mind;
We are drawn to souls both hateful and kind,
Bodies burning and blind, agéd and lined.

I deign to free by freeman’s decree
Those loves desired but undesirably lost;
That there be one to another as fire to frost:
Fairness in love without end or cost.

I see no tricks but colours, they struggle and streak
Down the artist’s strict, careless easel;
We dream clearly beyond what is feasible.
Yet with love deeper than did plummet sound

Our loves will run over, by river or stream
To oceans unseen, and abound.
I know? No. I live and see.
We know not what we sow. I believe only.

By Joshua Teo



Your home from home a roman pillar.
No one knows
which way up
it’s meant to go.
It holds the backbone of our city,
this pretty dark stone.

Hunched in a corner with a begging cap,
love tattooed on your hands.
You cradle a paper baby:
he leaves you far too quickly,
abandoned with the black.

A man and his best friend.
A tendon draws you together.
He waits with you through wind and sleet.
In the bitter weather.

By Georgie Tindale

(Featured image courtesy of Tattooed JJ on Flickr)