-Image by Yoshimai

Your student years are a crazy time, when it is all about living fast and enjoying yourself as much as you can before entering into the big bad world of work.  You’ll push yourself like crazy to make those dreaded deadlines and party like you’ve never partied before with all the new friends you’ve made.  It’s the time to let loose, as you’re finally an adult who’s free to do what you want without having to ask for permission from Mummy and Daddy.

University should be one of the best times of your life, but it isn’t all fun and games.  Your student life may be killing you and here’s how…

Lack of Sleep

With all of the craziness of university, you are probably not getting enough shut eye.  When it gets to the end of term and you need to catch up on all your work, you’ll be pulling all-nighters to meet the deadlines.  As students, we’ve all been there – I know I definitely have and I’ve felt dead afterwards.

There will also be quite a few nights when you’ll go out to get your drink on and your dance on, keeping you out to until the next morning, when you might have an early lecture you need to attend.  You may be able to get a few hours of sleep to pull you through, but this might not be enough to keep you up during the lecture.  You’ll soon get used to surviving on little amounts of sleep, but sooner or later that sleep deprivation will have an impact on your health.

Eating Lots of Snacks and Fast Food

You might find yourself eating a little too many snacks and a little too much fast food as a student, to spend less time cooking and more time on your work.  You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy quick meals and your favourite snacks, which will pick you up while you work but not give your body what it really needs.

I love a bar of chocolate or some crisps when I’m working or taking a break, as I’m treating myself to something that tastes great and getting a quick little energy boost at the same time.  Although unhealthy food tastes great, too much of it isn’t so great for your body.  Plus, you don’t want to be putting on lots of weight as you study, because that really is not great.

Drinking Too Much Coffee

To keep up with fast university life, you will probably drink a lot of coffee (or Red Bull), but this may start to spiral out of control. You might think of drugs or alcohol when you think of the word ‘addiction’, but caffeine is addictive too; there’s a chance you’ll become so addicted to your coffee-fix that you can’t start a day without a strong black or get through one of your boring lectures without a long white.

Boring Lectures

There will be many times during university when you have to sit through the most boring lectures and endure the dry voices of some of your lecturers.  These weekly lectures are like an illness that slowly start to kill you inside and you have to drag yourself out of the house just to attend them. Depression is a serious illness too and even though it’s mental rather than physical, it can cause physical damage long-term like too much weight loss.

Life as a student is fun, but it can be hard work too.  Just remember to take care of yourself, live at your own pace and most of all, enjoy it.  Are there any ways that your student life could be killing you?

Shaniqua is a volunteer blogger for the GKBC Writer Academy.  She is an aspiring writer from London, who enjoys writing plays and pieces for her personal blog in her spare time.