Miller-Urey Experiment

The landfill smell of methane
mixed with ammonia.
The volatility of hydrogen
and the necessity of water,
in cloud form.
One shock, a bolt of electric
into an ocean.
A new world in a test tube

By Jack Williams


And then there was evening.

The edge of our estate, a wire fence.
We ducked under it, Cole’s fat neck scraped,
he squealed.
Older boys sniggered.
Once buildings grew here,
it now sprouted vegetation.
We picked our way through.
Here we built the world,
a haven of dirty mattresses and wooden boards
holding shaped rocks and bones found somewhere,
that hint of death.

Cain was bigger than the rest.
He liked fire.
He pushed at the mattresses, unsettling dust,
picked up a stick
and beat down the walls,
eyes filled with that blaze.
Suddenly sticks flew
we thrashed with fury and rage and everything,
at our creation.
Then the jigsaw walls, ours, were waste upon the ground.

Then there was light.
Cain’s father, passed out, drunk,
missed the silver lighter his son produced.
Roaring flame which singed our nostril hairs,
smelling bonfire for a week after.
Cain’s eyes saw everything.
We stood, in his image,
chests heaving, we looked at what was done.

I was scolded when I returned home,
late with sooty skin,
and went to bed
with tear tracks on red scrubbed cheeks.

And there was morning.

By Caitlin Stanway-Williams 



White tulips and crocuses in circles
embedded in soil and saliva, set
pillars to face all tyranny and acid.
Crunch through the blocks, Smash through the metal.

Until Autumn, drop one by one by, gone.
Lost in the wardrobes. Rot under pillows.

Awoken not long after, Pearls hiding
gradually, softly penetrate flesh
jewels of ivory resurrected.

Two great walls stronger than before. Fixed deep
snuggled in bone, armoured in enamel.
a sedentary glow, the gnashing quartz.

Valuable for a smile- valuable
The loss of each- too often a nightmare.

The snowdrops’ terrorizing grin.

The power to clamp, hack, tear, subdue
Tools of the carnivore- Break the sinews.
One by one and jagged standing in line
Phalanxes, the two. Grind the gentry.

Solid but fragile and susceptible
to CRACK, wobble, corrode, decay
Bleeding gums- DISORDER. Purposeless bite.
Incisors lost, molars are ROTTEN.
Canines are smashed, wisdom forgotten

Treasure these, the fangs of necessity.

By James Reeve



Blood as black as the sun
swims through the hardened earth,
ribbons colour the rivers
the banners of defeat.
A blackbird’s cry rings out
from those changeless mountains,
its song as dark as dawn,
calling for a new empire.
This is the cradle of
civilisation, the
darkness of beginning,
the destruction of creation.

By Nora Selmani


Things Come Together

Here at the beginning of the world,
there is a blankness in the air.
Here at the beginning of time,
there is a path stretched out to sea
and a rainbow touches the cliffs.

There is a blankness in the air,
there is a path stretched out to sea
where crabs move like walking stones.
Here at the beginning of the world,
a rainbow fades and touches the cliffs.

Where crabs move like walking stones,
there is a path stretched out to sea.
A rainbow fades and grazes the cliffs
and shapes contort inside the rock,
here at the beginning of the world.

By Georgie Tindale