University is the ideal time to make something more of your musical hobby and really kick start your career in the music industry – as after all, you are constantly meeting new people, growing as a person and becoming more independent. While getting your music out there and heard by different people may seem like a daunting and difficult process, there are loads of things you can do in your spare time at university which will really help to get your music career started.

Get involved

First things first, prove that you are really passionate about music by getting involved in as many musical extracurricular activities as you can. For instance, if your university has its own radio show, make sure you’re the first in line to sign up to the society at the beginning of the academic year. If you are involved in the university radio, it will not only look great on your CV, but will open up opportunities for you to play your music on the radio show and get it heard by your fellow students.

Furthermore, think outside the box to demonstrate your passion for music. For example, organising music events such as a ‘battle of the bands’ night at the student union, where anyone from the university can get involved and get a taster of your music.

Seek out open mic nights

Open mic nights are an excellent way to not only meet other musicians and improve upon your performance, but also get your music heard by different people (not just students) in your university city. You never know who might be watching you at an open mic night; someone may love your music and be the contact you need to get one step closer to creating a career in the music industry.

It’s also an ideal time to hand out any CD demos that you have for those people that like your music and make a bit of extra cash. And if you want to be really professional, get your music professionally recorded in a recording studio beforehand. While this initially might sound a little out of your price range when you are living on a student budget, there are affordable recording studios available – for example, Fluke productions are a recording studio in East London and offer rates at £30 an hour with the producer or £200 for an 8 hour booking.

Local radio

As well as getting involved in the university radio station, make a conscious effort to get in contact with any local radio stations. Whether it is a few weeks work experience or thinking of unique ways to get in touch with the station to encourage them to play one of your songs on the radio show, it is all worth doing, as you never know they might end up playing it! Going above and beyond to get in touch with them will demonstrate how passionate you are about kick starting your career in the music industry and therefore are likely to take you more seriously – because remember, there are probably hundreds of other students doing the same thing, so really make yourself stand out from the crowd.


Get your music out there by busking on the busy streets of your university city. Whether you chose to busk outside the university buildings for your fellow students to hear as they leave their lectures, or busking at night near the best student clubs, it is a fantastic way to get your music heard as well as earn a bit of extra cash. However, before you set up camp in your ideal busking station, make sure that you don’t need a busking licence to play – the last thing you want is to be charged with a big fee!

Social media

The fantastic thing about social media is you can get your music heard by hundreds of people without any cost at all. Put your music on YouTube (you never know you may be the next Justin Bieber!) and SoundCloud and advertise it through all of your social media channels for your friends and followers to see. Once all of your friends and family have listened to your music, they may share it, allowing it to get heard by all of their social media friends. Before you know it, you could have a massive fan base for your music and get discovered by someone important in the music industry.


So now that you’ve read a few ways to get your music career started, don’t be afraid to really go for it and get your music heard by as many people as possible.


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