Goodbye The Sunset is a refreshing new addition to the rock scene. With imaginative concepts, a variety of influences and a dynamic, tenacious approach to entering the world of music, this is a band with serious potential. Their debut EP, Wolves Of Summer has a kind of raw sincerity which is almost unique to bands in their early stages; catchy, pop-punky melodies and hooks are often accompanied by comparatively bittersweet lyrics. We got in touch with the Bristol rockers to talk gigs, inspiration, and hopes for the future.

Natalie Bolderston: What inspired you to get together and start a band?

Tom: We’ve all been musicians and in bands for a long time. Myself and Matt were in a band together before this one but neither of us had much to do with the writing, so this band started off as a side project just to get some of our ideas down. When our last band ended we decided to put all our time into Goodbye The Sunset and see we what we could achieve with it.

NB: Your sound has been termed ‘pop-punk’ and ’emo.’ How well do you think this fits you?

Tom: To be honest we’re not majorly either of them; we had a hard time identifying our sound but we take influence from a lot of bands in those genres. It’s important for bands to have an identity and look at pop-punk at the moment; it’s huge and the bands in it are really really good.

Matt: I feel that we have adopted a very Jimmy Eat World stance approach to our music: we don’t stick to one specific sound, we just write whatever feels right at the time.

NB: Who do you draw inspiration from, musically?

Tom: A lot of the time what I write comes out sounding like whichever band I’m most into that week, haha. My main writing inspiration comes from a band called The Gaslight Anthem; the melodies and lyrics Brian Fallon writes always blow my mind. We all listen to bands that sound nothing like Goodbye The Sunset, such as Parkway Drive.

NB: What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?

Tom: I saw Bruce Springsteen in London a few years ago and that was incredible: the whole atmosphere and spectacle. In terms of being blow-away, it would have to be the time I watched Marmozets open for Senses Fail; I’d never heard of them before and they absolutely destroyed it. I’d never seen energy like it.

Matt: I was also at that Marmozets gig with Tom; it was amazing. Another gig like that one was when we saw Foxy Shazam open for The Darkness. They were another band that were complete unknowns going in, and ended up stealing the show. Also Dead Sara – they are amazing live. Her voice is spot on.

Aaron: I went to see McBusted. It changed my life. That’s how I got into pop-punk.

NB: Who would you like to record with, if you had the chance to collaborate?

Tom: I’d love to have Travis Barker play drums on a song we’ve written. It would also be awesome to write a song with Taylor Swift; we’re big fans of her in this band.

NB: Do you tend to write from personal experience?

Tom: Strangely enough no, the whole of Wolves Of Summer was based upon fictional characters I’d either made up in my head, or from TV shows and movies. For example, Into The Light is written about The Walking Dead.

NB: Do you have a favourite lyric from any song you’ve written?

Tom: My favourite song for lyrics would have to be Into The Light; I think it paints the picture of despair really well.

NB: Is there a story behind the name of the band?

Tom: The meaning behind the band name is quite morbid. It basically comes from the fact that after a comet or meteor hits the earth, it would be complete darkness for 100 years or something. It started off as a concept idea for the music as well, but we scrapped that idea pretty quickly. The name stuck though.

NB: If you could gig anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Tom: Japan – I know a few people who’ve played out there or lived out there and it sounds amazing. The atmosphere of the crowds always looks intense.

Matt: After seeing Parkway Drive’s Home is for the Heartless documentary, if we ever have fans there, I would love to travel to South America and play for them. Their passion for music is so strong I think sharing it directly with them would be an amazing experience.

NB: Do you have any advice for other young bands who are just starting out?

Tom: Immerse yourself into your local scene: meet other bands and musicians, go to gigs together, write music with as many people as possible, and don’t have lots of breakdowns.

Matt: At the end of the day we’re still just starting up ourselves and learning what we need to do. All the scenes keep changing as new bands come along. You’ve just got to keep up.

Hear more from Goodbye The Sunset: The band’s EP, Wolves Of Summer is available from bandcamp. You can also keep up with them via twitter: @SunsetGoodbye.