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Something You Whisper is a dark, post-hardcore five-piece from Cambridge, Ontario. Reminiscent of acts such as The Devil Wears Prada and Asking Alexandria, they seem to mix the heaviness of metalcore with more melodic emo-rock to create a dramatic, memorable sound. Their subject matter is always extremely honest and somewhat morose; this is a band that probes the darkest recesses of the soul and mind to create something unflinchingly raw, but also subversively beautiful. Tracks such as Who I’ve Become and Feel The Danger explore the torture of regret and lost love, whilst Beautiful Sins, their newest effort, seems to capture the general hellishness of human suffering. They clearly write straight from the heart, and are made all the more relatable for it; such painful sincerity and perception is something greatly appreciated by their loyal, ever-growing fanbase. Lyrics are complimented perfectly by the heavy-metal style chugging which features in many of their releases, and serves to intensify the impact of their concepts. We caught up with SYW to discuss new songwriting angles, the perks of musicianship, and serendipitous success.

Natalie Bolderston: Do you consider yourself to be a post-hardcore band? Or do you borrow from other genres as well this one?

SYW: I’d say for now we do. We definitely find influence from other genres of music. On our new EP, Beautiful Sins, I’m sure you can find influences of metal, straight up rock, to RnB…we all listen to a wide variety of music.

NB: Your sound reminds me of bands such as Sleeping with Sirens and Pierce The Veil. Are you majorly influenced by these bands or by any other artists?

SYW: Those bands are heavy hitters in the scene, and it’s impossible for younger bands like us not to look up to them. I wouldn’t say those are our top influences while writing our music though. For our new EP, I think you will hear more influence from bands such as PVRIS, Bring Me The Horizon, and obviously a few others.

NB: Have you ever toured in the UK? Do you have plans to?

SYW: We have not, and we don’t have plans to as of now. We would love to tour there of course, we have heard a lot of great things!

NB: Is your EP, From The Other Side, a concept record? What inspired its title?

SYW: It’s not a concept, I think we were just writing the songs that we wanted to write at the time. We ended up calling it From The Other Side because I was looking at life differently than I had before, and that inspired many of the songs.

NB: One of your latest releases, Beautiful Sins, seems to tell a story of loneliness and lost hope. Is it based on personal experience? Do you generally write from experience?

SYW: Yeah, I write from past experiences. With Beautiful Sins I was more honest in my writing than I ever have been before. I touched on emotions that I had years ago, and I think people will connect with this song, and with the other songs on the EP as well.

NB: Your cover of Really Don’t Care (originally by Demi Lovato) is great! You’ve really made it your own. Do you have plans to cover anything else?

SYW: Thank you, we just did that for fun. There hasn’t been talks of doing another cover yet, but covers are a good thing for bands to do. We got some air play with the cover on some radio stations in the U.S…apparently by posting the cover on YouTube, we won a cover contest that we were unaware existed. Right time and place I suppose.

NB: Your band name seems pretty mysterious. How did you come up with it?

SYW: That is a question we’ve been asked countless times, and we don’t feel like it should be talked about.

NB: Do you have a favourite lyric from any of the songs you’ve written?

SYW: Hardest question yet…hmm. I think a lyric that stands out to me is in a song called Private Hell off our upcoming EP. “ The spark inside just ignited everything that I felt” − I like this lyric. It’s like the good becomes the bad. The “spark” that signifies life and passion is now the fire inside. That’s probably the easiest way to put it.

NB: What’s the best thing about being musicians?

SYW: The best thing about being in a band, is the liquor, money, and women. Hands down. Also, it gives us an outlet to be creative. I truly believe that if I didn’t have music in my life, I’d be crazier than I am now.

Hear more from Something You Whisper: Their 2014 EP, From The Other Side, is available from Amazon and iTunes. Official merchandise is available from the band’s online store.
You can isten to selected tracks on the band’s YouTube channel, and keep up with them via Twitter: @SYWband.

Featured image credit: Taken from Twitter (@SYWband).