Off to College Means Creative Storage

Trying to pack the essentials of home into a tiny residence is an impossible task. Leaving a big part of personal life at home can make the experience even more distant and lonely. Before long, missed items will be replaced with new purchases, or a trip home, and your residence turns into a closet. There are options to beat this agonising choice of doing without or making creative space.

Warehouse Storage

One logical option for bringing seasonal clothes, sports equipment, and special items, is to look at storage units close to your quarters. This affords the space required for personal items that would otherwise have to be left at home. Traveling a good distance from home to attend college can leave one homesick from the familiar comforts of family. Filling up a footlocker with memories of home, and placing in a storage unit, can address this problem nicely. Units come in all sizes and the cost is minimal.

Mobile Storage

The hassle of moving to a university is cumbersome and expensive. Moving students in to the city with flexible storage and removal options becomes a reality by filling up a POD and designating an address. A POD container is brought to the point of origin, packed with everything needed, then hauled to the final destination. Self loading or hired loading are available and secure locks keep those that pass by from gaining entry. There are no deposits required, no extra gas for trips to storage facilities, and no worry of theft.

Special Student Storage

There are special rates and services available for student storage in Manchester. Everything from empty box delivery to free collection and re-delivery are offered to those college-bound students for organising and packing. To help students that are new to packing and moving, there are free student packs that make the job easier.  Bubble wrap, boxes, tape and markers keep items easy to pack, easy to move, and simple to find. Quick and convenient, this takes the drudgery out of collecting boxes.

How PODS Offer More

A POD is a self storage unit that provides a solution to moving and storing. They are transportable, secure, and low-cost for anyone that needs safe and reliable moving, plus extra storage space. Perfect for students that need to travel for higher education, a POD can become as important as a vehicle. As long as there is outdoor space to place a POD, personal possessions can follow a daughter or son to one or more locations for school. Furniture, clothing, electronic equipment, and personal items stay safe from loss, damage, and theft with this popular way of traveling. Moving students in to the city with flexible storage and removal options also removes the worry of students that are prone to misplacing needed supplies.

Moving to a Different City

Forget the rounding up of friends, family and transportation when making a long trip to another city. A removal team of qualified drivers and staff guarantee that items are securely packed, transported and delivered to any area of Manchester or the North West region. The cost is low and the service fabulous. With so many details to take care of during a moving process, professional moving help is a welcome sight. Insurance, fuel, labour, and van use are included in a small hourly fee so there is never a fear of extra fees.

Check out the multiple options for moving a college-bound student with PODS that make moving and storage simple and inexpensive. Call and schedule your moving day and never have cause to regret your decision.

(Featured image credit: Summer vector designed by Freepik )