Jacob and Rory Green are pair of Scottish brothers who have become a Folk outfit aptly named JR Green. Their EP is called Bring the Witch Doctor, and is available to listen to and download from their bandcamp.

With a sound that has meant success for many a Folk artist – think Mumford, Lumineers, et cet. – they incorporate accordion and more ambitiously interesting lyrics to separate themselves from the pack.

The track Nigerian Princess is certainly a wise choice for first track, it’s a showcase of what they do, done well. An insistent beat, hook-y accordion melody, and echo-room-quality chorus line “Howling at the moo…n” shows you their acceptability for mainstream radio. But on the flip side, their lyrics include more unchained notions than one could imagine the typical Faux-lk band coming out with. Not to mention the word -gasp- ‘wankers’. The rhythmically delicious “Why, can’t, you… see?” section too invites you to consider how not cookie-cutter they are.
Do the Katie-Step is next up, and delivers much the same duality of tradition and innovation, and it’s about now that I ought to mention that what JR Green are best at is naming their songs. This track is the one for the radio if I’m any judge.

The quieter, almost sobbing vocals on The Gentleman’s Apocalypse are choice, for it is a love song. The song knows when to let the guitar talk, and enough has been said in words. The backdrop is a desolate swirling Scottish sea wind, and the only steadiness we have to hold on to is the guitar’s calming arpeggio. Maybe I got a bit caught up in symbolism there…
Each track is shorter than the last, and the final track, They All Know Something is a mere 2:31. Despite this, it doesn’t rush us through as many verses and choruses as possible, but slows down instead. It doesn’t try or need to prove anything; if you’ve made it this far, you know you enjoy the echoing dual vocals in their emotional choruses, the choppy acoustic chords, and the sadness behind happiness feel of the EP. Now you can just enjoy them.

Hear more from JR Green: Keep up with the band via Twitter.