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Hugging the banks of Lake Geneva, this beautiful city is surrounded by the wonderful backdrop of the Alps, which will leave a lasting impression on anyone. And for any budding scientist, a trip to Geneva, home of CERN – the world’s largest particle physics laboratory – is a must. But there is so much more that Geneva has to offer for school science trips that will leave students thirsty for knowledge and eager to learn.

Organised school science trips are a great way for students to experience the subject first-hand, as well as broadening their horizons with regards to new cultures and history. With tours like these, teachers can take their pupils on a unique trip of discovery in Geneva that will have them itching to get back in the lab.

CERN – An absolute must for science buffs

The main focus point of any science school trip to Geneva should be a guided tour of CERN, which is not only an incredibly valuable and interesting excursion, but also very popular, so be sure to make a reservation well in advance. The guided tours usually last about three hours and include visits to one or two of the guest visit points in the facility.

Pupils can explore the world of physics with the Universe of Particles exhibition, installed in the Globe of Science & Innovation, and learn about the history of CERN with the Microcosm exhibition, near the main CERN reception. Both the exhibitions and guided tours will give a great insight into the world of particles, the role they play in our everyday lives and the progression of science in the modern world. Students will no doubt be blown away by everything they learn from the tour and the fascinating discoveries at CERN.

Explore the History of Science

Another of Geneva’s must-visit locations is The History of Science Museum. Located by the lake overlooking the park, La Perle du Lac, the museum is home to several exhibitions and hosts simple experiments designed to entertain and open the minds of budding scientists. It’s a great insight into scientific history, covering a number of topics like astronomy, microscopy, meteorology and electricity, as well as displaying collections of old measuring apparatus from the 17th-19th century, such as sun dials, thermometers and clocks. With interactive and practical learning, it’s the perfect place to introduce pupils to science or help to affirm their enthusiasm.

Beyond the scientific significance of Geneva, lies a beautiful and cosmopolitan city buzzing with activity, culture and history. One of the best ways to see the city and its wonderful surroundings is with a boat trip on the lake. Let pupils marvel at the iconic fountain, Jet d’Eau, a sight that is visible throughout the city, on the lake and from above. A staggering 500-litres of water per second is jetted up to 140 metres high into the air, which is not only impressive to witness, but the scientific elements behind it are fascinating too.

Another great place to take your school party is to the United Nations Office, located at the Palais de Nations. As the second largest of the four UN Offices, the Geneva UN headquarters is a fantastic place for students to learn about its political history and the significance of this in the world’s infrastructure today.

A trip to Geneva will inevitably be filled with fun, facts and excitement for any science enthusiast. With a perfect balance of science, history and culture, pupils will embark on a memorable trip that will hopefully fuel their enthusiasm for learning and scientific development for many years to come.

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