We’ll find each other again, you and I,

Inexorable stranger, in passing glance

And heartfelt smile, in storming streets

I’ll wait a while amidst the crowd,

Just to see your face again, to run

Against a sea of shadowing umbrellas,

To climb these invariable steps of difficulty

And reach you at the pinnacle.

But no, that isn’t how it happened, no

Great quest for a damsel that I know,

No shining armour for this hero in our ranks;

Just chance, and chance alone is all I have to thank,

That I saw, waiting by the road that day,

A beauty so profound, I’m speechless so to say,

Those blaring horns and flashing lights went silent,

And I see you there, just be you there, a face

Amongst the crowd.

(Featured image credit: Taken from Compfight, accessed via this page. Used under the Creative Commons License.)