After years of hard work and extensive gigging, Such Strange Arts are finally signed to Standby Records. And they’re in good company – big-time acts such as Black Veil Brides and Emarosa were previously signed to the very same label.

With their energetic brand of pop-punk – and invariably proactive attitude – it seems that SSA’s success was always an inevitability. For such a young band, they’re strangely nostalgic. Tracks such as ‘Secret’, for example, remind me of almost all my teenage summers spent listening to the likes of All Time Low and Blink 182. It seems clear that the band have seized the ever-growing craze for catchy melodies and vibrant hooks – established by the earlier pop-punk veterans – and run with it. And they’ve done it very, very well. We got in touch with SSA’s guitarist, Matt Milton, to find out what’s next for the Essex quartet.

Natalie Bolderston: I hear that you’ve just been signed to Standby Records! How does it feel? What have you had to do to get to this point?

Matt: Yes we have! It honestly feels pretty cool at the moment; when you start a band you dream of signing a record deal, so it’s cool that it’s become a reality! But it also feels a little daunting with all the responsibility – we’ve got support from some great people, and we don’t want to let them down!

The band’s been going for quite a few years so lots of hard work, playing any shows we can get and lots of self-promotion!

NB: How would you describe SSA’s sound? Who are your greatest influences?

Matt: We are pretty much a pop-rock/pop-punk band, but we have such a wide range of influences that we like to bring into the mix! Individually, we all have our own influences – everyone from Ed Sheeran and Alex Gaskarth through to Falling In Reverse and Korn!

NB: What was the first gig you ever went to?

Matt: My first gig was Stereophonics on their Pull the Pin Tour (I think it’s was 2008). I went to the NEC Arena in Birmingham with my parents and loved it!

NB: Do you have any live shows of your own coming up? If you could go anywhere, where in the world would you tour?

Matt: We have a UK tour in February! Tickets are on sale now:

17.02.16 – Aatma, Manchester

18.02.16 – Surya, London

19.02.16 – Voodoo Lounge, Stamford

20.02.16 – The Hermit, Brentwood

21.02.16 – The Flapper, Birmingham

Our goal is to get out and play anywhere that people want us! Hopefully it won’t be long until we get to go and see our fans in the US.

NB: Are there any producers or musicians who you’d like to work with one day?

Matt: With our wide range of influences there are so many! You obviously have the big name producers like Rick Rubin and Bob Rock, those guys are absolute music legends! But really we want to work with as many different people with as many different backgrounds as possible, we love collaborations!

NB: What’s your favourite lyric from any song you’ve written?

Matt: That’s a toughie! For me personally I’m really chuffed about the song ‘Cosette’ from our More Than We Know EP.  I wrote it after seeing Les Mis, writing from the point of view of Eponine about her love triangle with Cosette and Marius. It’s a bit of an odd one I know, but I really enjoyed writing from a different perspective!

NB: Do you have any words of wisdom for young bands trying to break into the music industry?

Matt: I don’t really know if they’re words of wisdom as we’re pretty young ourselves, but just go out and have fun, play shows and do what you enjoy. Write the music that YOU want to write and put it out yourself; if it’s good and you promote yourself well then you’ll catch the attention of the people you want!

Hear more from Such Strange Arts: Keep up with the band via Twitter and Facebook. Their new EP, Waking the Neighbours, will be available in January 2016. Their previous EP and singles are available from iTunes. Other merch and tickets can be purchased here.

(Featured image credit: Taken from Facebook.)