Having spent almost five years as a pop-rock outfit known as The Hype Theory, the Chelmsford quintet have gone in a new direction. Meet Tigress, their latest brainchild, now signed to LAB Records. Tigress’ debut EP, Human, seems to showcase the band’s enduring talent for catchy hooks and melodies, as well as their singer’s ever-powerful vocals. However, there is also a new sense of diversity to the record, something perhaps achieved through the members’ years of experience and development as musicians. We got in touch with the band’s vocalist, Katy Jackson, to find out what lies ahead for Tigress.

Natalie Bolderston: How does your new band differ from your old band, The Hype Theory? What prompted the change?

Katy: Tigress represent what we are now, and The Hype Theory represented what we were. We made the change because it was necessary; we have changed a lot on a personal level and we didn’t feel like the old name represented what we stood for.

NB: ‘Tigress’ sounds pretty empowering! How did you decide on the new band name?

Katy: It took us a long time to think of the band name; we wrote down pages of them and that was the one that stood out to us. We wanted a feminine name that was strong.

NB: I’ve heard that your debut EP, Human, was produced by Max Helyer of You Me At Six and John Mitchell. What was it like to work with other musicians? 

Katy: Yes, we were very lucky to have worked with those two. We also worked with Romesh Dodangoda who mixed the EP for us. It was great to collaborate with Max and John, they showed us new perspectives on all of our songs, and helped us as songwriters so that in the future we can continue to improve.

NB: What’s your favourite song from the new EP?

Katy: Personally my favourite is ‘Fire.’ The lyrics mean a lot to me in that song, and I had a lot of fun writing it because it felt so different to anything we had written before.

NB: Who would you say your biggest musical and lyrical influences are?

Katy: I have so many, as do the guys. The guys take a lot of inspiration from bands like Muse, 30 Seconds To Mars, Bring Me The Horizon, Jimmy Eat World… Lyrically, I take inspiration from everywhere I go, from the people I meet and from my experiences. I love honest lyrics, and Alanis Morissette has always been a big inspiration to me in that sense.

NB: Do you have any live shows coming up? Where in the world would you like to tour next?

Katy: We are planning our next tour at the moment and making plans for 2016, so watch this space. We have only played six shows, so we want to go to more places in the UK then head to Europe, and hopefully make it back to Japan one day.

NB: Do you have any advice for up-and-coming bands?

Katy: Being in a band is really tough, the only advice is to keep going! There are always times when you feel low about the band and want to give up, but the next opportunity is always just around the corner.  You just have to be patient.

Hear more from Tigress: You can keep up with the band via their official website, Twitter and Facebook. Their debut EP, Human, is available from iTunes. Signed CDs and other merch can be bought from their online store.

(Featured image credit: Taken from Tigress’ online store.)