JR Green are an indie-folk duo defined by simple but beautiful acoustic riffs, low, gravelly vocals and teenage angst. They’re still pretty under-the-radar, but, having already appeared in a couple of ‘2016 Top Tips’ lists, it looks as if they have a strong year ahead of them.

Following the successful release of their debut single, ‘Nigerian Princess’, JR Green are set to heighten the buzz with their newest offering, ‘The Gentleman’s Apocalypse.’ Having listened to it a few times, I have to say that it’s a track that you can’t help but be fond of – especially if you’re a fan of the modern folk scene. This lies partially in the familiarity of the subject matter. It’s got a real ‘we’ve all been there’ vibe; ‘The Gentleman’s Apocalypse’ is a wistful reflection on teenage love, and all of the angst, glamorisation and heartbreak that comes with it. The bittersweet lyrics are accompanied perfectly by a melancholy background riff – an effortless staple of JR Green’s sound. In a nutshell, the track is essentially a dramatic and beautifully moving way of saying ‘I miss you,’ ‘I want you,’ and ‘I regret you,’ all at the same time. And, appropriately enough, it comes out on Valentine’s Day.

Part of what makes JR Green’s songwriting so sincere is that they don’t flinch from pain, but rather showcase it in their art. They offer a kind of quiet, broody poeticism that can perhaps only be written from experience, and their latest single is a perfect example. So, when Valentines Day comes around, take a few minutes to let JR Green break your heart.

Hear more from JR Green: The band’s debut EP, Bring the Witch Doctor, can be purchased from iTunes. Keep up with the band via their official websiteTwitter and Facebook

Catch JR Green live on the following dates:

Sat Jan 30/ Glasgow – King Tuts

Thu Feb 4 / Inverness – Mad Hatters

Fri Feb 5 / Isle of Mull – The Mishnish

Sat Feb 6 / Stirling – Tolbooth

Fri June 3-4 th / Inverness – Brew at the Bog 2016