It has to be said, I’m eager to see how ‘Best Fake Smile’ does in the singles chart – it’s possibly my favourite track off of Bay’s debut record, Chaos and the Calm. This is the fifth single the double-platinum smasher has spawned, and it’s pretty darn good.

Released hot off the back of Bay’s BRITs triumph (he walked away with the British Male Solo Artist award), ‘Best Fake Smile’ is first and foremost an anthemic crowd-pleaser that’s pedalled by a rock drive. There’s nothing fake about Bay here – his lyrics are honest with authentic vocal power to match. With the lyrics following the story of a girl ‘breaking out of a mundane existence’ (pretty relatable, huh?), it’s lively, gravelly, and foot-tappingly catchy. This track has you hooked from the start – Bay is convincing, and we are convinced.

Essentially, it’s three and a half minutes of must-listen feel-goodness.

Check out the video here:

Hear more from James Bay: Chaos and the Calm is now available from iTunes.