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Mr Witzigreuter

Two years after The Bad & The Better, Jordan Mark Witzigreuter – better known as The Ready Set – is set to release his fourth studio album: I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love. In spite of its angst-ridden title, the new record is still very much a monument to The Ready Set’s catchy brand of electropop. And I actually liked it. Usually, I prefer stuff on the rockier side of pop-rock, but it’s difficult not to get taken in by TRS’ (mostly) upbeat melodies. Here are a few of my personal highlights:

Disappearing Act: A ridiculously catchy track about…well, I’m not entirely sure what. I do love the strange poeticism of the lyrics (e.g. ‘fearing the sun would never come to the shadow of who I was / wishing on empty stars to put me back together’) but at times they seem as obscure as Chaucer. I think it’s all about rediscovering who you are and not being afraid to have ambitions, no matter how hilariously unattainable they may seem. (Apparently, all that you need to do is ‘grow ten feet tall and take all that you need.’ Easy.) The music video is like some weird montage of modern art that I’ll never understand – but hey, it er, works.

Good Enough: The old familiar adolescent love song – syrupy and tinged with gloom. But that’s kind of why I like the track; Jordan’s voice was pretty much made for it. Run With Me progresses in a similarly besotted but less despondent vein, and is kept alive with a chirpy riff that repeats throughout.

No Love: A cool little collaboration with up and coming rockers Jule Vera. It’s a rather morbid break-up song masked by a lively beat; it kind of made me want to say say ‘sheesh, ouch!’ but it also made me want to sway in time. In the end, I did both.

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I think the word is ‘artsy.’

Fire In The Sky: A feel-good track about self-discovery and new love (a ‘supernatural high’ – aww) made all the sweeter by Jordan’s falsetto vocals. If you’re craving the dizzy, dreamy euphoria that has become a staple of TRS’ sound, look no further!


It’s brooding season.

See You: The slow, sober ballad that shows us the sadder, more brooding side of The Ready Set. ‘See You’ carries the same poetic quality as ‘Disappearing Act’, but the meaning is perhaps a little clearer. It’s a song about loss, peppered with wistful, bittersweet promises. My personal favourites are: ‘as your shadow I will dance with you again’, ‘I trace the word forever on your arm / don’t ever let that go’  and ‘trade down my broken bones for wings of gold / you’ll never be alone.’ Perhaps it’s just because I’m a sucker for a sad metaphor, but for me this is easily the best track on I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love. (Followed closely by ‘Disappearing Act’, of course. It’s really very catchy).

Hear more from The Ready Set: I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love is available to pre-order on iTunes, Target and TRS’ merch store. The record’s expected release date is 8th April 2016. Keep up with TRS via their official website, Twitter and Facebook. 

Featured/Article image credit: all images sent by The Ready Set’s PR.