For students, looking the part is very important. After all, you don’t want to roam around a campus looking like a scally, or something below your best. It would be wrong to say that people would judge you on your style, but your clothes can certainly tell your fellow students a lot about the way you carry yourself, whether it be high-maintenance with designer labels or being laid-back with an emphasis on comfort.

The Student Review is looking to see what clothes the students of today are rockin’, and for this edition, we have spoken to one of our columnists, Mark Armstrong, a former student who still ensures that what he wears leaves a strong impression!

NL Shirt

New Look shirt

Mark: “I try to find a balance between what looks good and what feels great. I want people to look at me and think that what I’m wearing is trendy, but at the same time I don’t want to feel uncomfortable just so that my clothes look appealing.

“If I’m going out, there are a variety of tops in my wardrobe depending on the weather and the occasion, from short-sleeve for a warm evening to long-sleeve smart casual for a party. Oftentimes, I’ll go for a plain design, usually in white or black, and if it’s long-sleeve I will try to keep that extra bit warmer by wearing a shirt that has a mini-undershirt attached. That way, I look smart and I keep warm or cool, depending what the weather brings! New Look is a great place to find shirts that cover any season, and I have quite a few tops from there in my collection.

Burton coat

Burton coat

“If it’s a cold night, then I’ll need a suitable coat to keep me warm. My favourite coat is actually one that you can’t always wear in clubs, but my Burton coat is brilliant. It has a lot of padding which keeps me extra-warm, the sleeves are loose yet a little tight so that they keep your arms away from the cold, and it has a nice hood to prevent you getting soaked on a rainy night. It also has zip pockets and an inside pocket for your phone; it’s pretty much the perfect coat to wear in the colder seasons. Unfortunately, as noted, it isn’t always welcome in clubs, so I’m still looking for an alternative as a compromise!

Bench Jeans

Bench jeans

“On the bottom half, if the event is a quieter affair, I may opt for combat trousers, which look nice and provide a bit of extra space. But more often than not on a night out, I’m wearing jeans, and my favourite pair are my Bench jeans. They look cool and trendy, but the best part about them is their loose feel. By sitting just below the waist, and with the size measurements being slightly over the usual requirements, the jeans always provide plenty of space around the waist, keeping me comfortable when I’m sitting down. They have a zipper-fly unlike most jeans nowadays, which makes it a lot easier when taking them on and off.

Calvin Klein boxers

“Below those, as with my clothes in general, I want my boxer shorts to be stylish yet comfy. If it’s a quiet night I’ll go for basic button-fly boxers, but if I’m dressing to impress, I’ll have my Calvin Kleins on. They look great, they’re as stylish as they come, and they’re comfortable to sleep in too. What’s more, with my looser Bench jeans on, the Calvin Klein label stands out above my jeans. Although they’re harder to locate, I prefer CK boxers with button-flies, not least because it makes quick toilet stops a lot easier!

NL Pumps

New Look pumps

“Finally, I used to wear smart shoes on nights out. However, over the last year or two, and partly due to fashion trends, I now wear pumps when I’m heading to pubs and clubs. They’re easier on the feet (except for nightclubs with sticky dance floors!), they’re not as heavy as regular shoes, and in the summer if you go to the right places, you’ll get away with not wearing socks if you’ve got pumps on. For my pumps, it’s back to New Look as they have a good range of stylish yet affordable pumps. I have bought other items there, so I guess you could say that New Look is my go-to shop for style!

“So, that’s my style profile. I like to think that I have a decent understanding of what’s trendy, whilst ensuring that I remain comfortable and ready to have a great night out!”

What do you think of Mark’s style? Are there any items that you like, or are there areas where you could suggest improvements? Let us know in the Comments section below!

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