For students, looking the part is very important. After all, you don’t want to roam around a campus looking like a scally, or something below your best. It would be wrong to say that people would judge you on your style, but your clothes can certainly tell your fellow students a lot about the way you carry yourself, whether it be high-maintenance with designer labels or being laid-back with an emphasis on comfort.

The Student Review is looking to see what clothes the students of today are rockin’, and for this edition, we have spoken to Bethany Atkin, who gives an overview of how her general style has changed from being a student to becoming a professional businesswoman. Read on and learn!

“A quick word of warning: in no way, shape or form do I claim to be at all stylish, fashionable or influential in my choice of appearance. Therefore, I have altered my Style Profile slightly into a detailed piece of advice for a person starting out as a young professional, and not at all advice on what types of necklines suit which body shape, what trend is in for the summer, or what colour coat brings out your eyes.

“As a newbie in the culture of the young professional, I have had to adapt my style to suit a more professional audience. I graduated from the University of Liverpool in September 2015, and therefore I had to very recently accept that I could no longer get away with swanning around in a hoodie, leggings and trainers. They served me well when studying for my Masters, as I would often be hiding away in the library or revising for exams in my bedroom, not worrying about my personal appearance or individual ‘style’. That time has gone.


Suit dress, New Look

“Nowadays, I change my look depending on what my day consists of. If, for instance, I am meeting a potential sponsor for Switch onto Business Magazine (which I write for the Business Development Club) or I am attending a networking event, I will wear smart heels (not too high, even though I am 5″1 and may need the extra boost, since nobody will take you seriously if you wear six-inch stilettos) with a smart dress and a blazer. If, however, I am working in the office all day, I won’t opt for heels (partially because our office is based up three flights of stairs) and I will choose a dolly shoe or boots, depending on the weather. I may wear a jumper and jeans with a coloured scarf; anything casual that I am able to work in comfortably.


Jumper, New Look

“There are the odd days where I may work from home, and before you may think ‘That means working in pyjamas, brilliant!’, you are mistaken. No, I will not get dressed up as I would for a business meeting, but I will make sure I get changed before I sit down at my desk. If I didn’t, the lines between work and home would blur and I would feel stagnant, unproductive and quite sleepy. This would affect my work, so therefore I would recommend to anyone who works from home or is thinking of doing so to make sure that they do the same.

“I hope this bit of advice has been worth your while, but I would say dress in whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident. Confidence will shine through if you wear a blue suit or black, a heel or dolly, and you will be remembered for more than what colour your tie was if you can just be yourself!”

What do you think of Beth’s business style? Are there any items that you like, or are there areas where you could suggest improvements? Let us know in the Comments section below!

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