In today’s dynamic world, the importance of technology is undeniable. We cannot imagine a single day of our life without the use of technology. Developments in technology are taking place on a daily basis and in turn, helping us transform the world. We have seen great leaps in technology in the past few years. Smartphones, laptops, tablets and cloud computing are all recent innovations. But, you may not be as familiar with one of the areas that technology has been of great use, and that is the security industry. Through the years, there’s been a lot of advancement in security technologies. In this article I’ll let you get yourself acquainted with some the most interesting security technologies within the realms of the security industry.


Honeywell’s Home Security Automation

In the countdown of top four security technologies, Honeywell’s professional grade home security automation system is my number 1. It is a great innovation in security which helps you take control. This is an advanced system for home security which lets you control your house’s temperature, lighting and door locks via a Smartphone or by voice commands. Along with this, it also controls motion sensors, security cameras and smoke detectors. It triggers a security alarm if there is a problem and something fishy happening. No matter wherever you are, you can have a complete access and a real-time view of your home on your Smartphone. You can lock up and unlock your doors and turn off or on the lights and air conditioners of your house via Smartphone or with a simple voice command. This is really a great innovation.


Sony’s Smart Eye Glass Attach that turns any Eye Wearable Glass into CCTV Camera

Smart Eye glass Attach is a device is number two.  Sony has introduced a great and an interesting technology (Smart Eyeglass Attach) that can be attached to any regular glass and can turn any glass into high tech CCTV monitoring screen. It is like wearing a CCTV camera on your head, similar to Google glasses. It comes with a head-up-display to show information in front of your eyes.  Smart Eye Glass attach can be used by security personal, police, and for lone worker protection to improve their video surveillance.


Intel True Key: Forget Memorizing Passwords

Intel True Key a facial recognition tool that allows you to use your face to open secured files/data/information and programs.  Now you don’t need to remember long and complex passwords, and you can stop worrying about your security. Secure your files programs and important data just by installing an application on your phones and Windows-based computers from Intel. True Key allows you to put the strongest password that no one can break because it uses laptop or Smartphone’s camera to scan your face for traits unique to you. This technology works with PCs and Android phones for facial recognition. As of yet, it is not available for iOS devices.


Netatmo a Front Door Security Camera   

Netatmo a front door security camera is number four in my countdown. This is a camera with a sleek tube design that learns to recognize friendly faces and alerts you when it detects a stranger. This is a full HD camera with 130’ viewing arc. It has an infrared sensor which helps to identify intruders during night. It works with both iOS and Android Smartphones.
(Featured image credit: Cloud with Key by kjpargeter, taken from Used under the Creative Commons Licence.)