Close your eyes and come with me

Take my hand, don’t fear

Within my heart that’s where you’ll be

The dancing cavalier


It is a land which you may seek

Different from my own

In mine no creature is viewed as weak

A king of their own throne


The stars become the sentinels

Guiding us through my dream

Smiling at this wondrous spectacle

Beneath the moonlit beams


The trees they are the eyes of the forest

Watching us as we go

Speaking words of only truth and promise

Taking in our woes and sorrow


The forest’s voice so soft, so smooth

A place of joy and wonder

Within our peaceful mind it soothes

Stay with me just a moment longer


The shimmer of the fresh dew droplets

That glistens on his humble abode

Is one of Gods own wonderful prophets

From their body this spectrum was sowed


Hear them sing the children of the night

At once in harmony

The midnight howls of sheer delight

Calling to both you and me


The bats they swarm the skies above

A darkened cloudy mist

To me they are the forests dove

The night time sky they kiss


The orb that lights up the dark

Of a thousand fireflies

The forests own Noah’s ark

The dark they glorify


Come feel this wondrous space with me

Lose all your worries and fears

Where what it is, is what it will be

Of troubled tormented years


If this was only true perhaps

If this was all supreme

If we could run from life’s true course of maps

But this is only but a dream


In reality to us the trees don’t sing

The moon is not our guard

We are the jester not the king

As life comes and tears us apart


(Featured image credit: Background vector designed by Freepik. Used under the Creative Commons Licence.)