A star filled magical kaleidoscope has been the image leading up to and included as the Miss You EP cover art, and the ‘Miss You’ single reflects just this. ‘Miss You’ starts out with the expected piano intro that Gabrielle Aplin fans are accustomed to with a slight crackle effect, and then a few notes in there’s a switch and we are plunged into a masterpiece of different instruments layered together. It is definitely a feel-good fun rhythm that you can just let yourself go and dance to, but this doesn’t detract from your focus – which is on Gabrielle’s enchanting and distinctive vocals. The lyrics themselves are, as usual, down-to-earth and for all intents and purposes relatable. The premise of the song is based on a break-up between Gabrielle and a partner, and how they are doing okay but neither are truly happy as they (as the title of the song states) miss each other. The song is from Gabrielle’s perspective and the lyrics express her inner thoughts and ruminations about the situation. The most poignant part of the song is the five distinctive beats in the chorus which are repeated twice, most noticeable in the music video as the camera action and Gabrielle’s movements bring it to the visual field. The bridge is also quite a moving section, as the instruments tone down and the vocals slow, so the listener can remember this section perfectly: ‘will you be my best friend, will you be my last, I need somebody who can love me like that’. This is also the line the song ends on, with just Gabrielle’s singing. I feel that line and the lyrics can resonate with a lot of people, in the sense that people have relationships and break up every day, and in life we make mistakes but we all look for that one soulmate to have fun with. ‘Miss You’ is definitely different, but it’s still up there with the best of Gabrielle Aplin’s songs. I love it and I cannot wait to hear the rest of the EP.

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(PS. Watch the video till the end otherwise the wink part will seem extremely creepy).

Background Information:

Gabrielle Aplin seems to have always been making music, and – with her own record company – she wrote her Never Fade EP in 2011 and Home EP in early 2012 and went on multiple UK tours with very little support. Gabrielle Aplin is best known for ‘Please Don’t Say You Love Me’ and her cover of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s ‘The Power of Love’ in late 2012, which are included on her 2013 English rain album with Parlophone records. Her ‘Light up the Dark’ Album (2015) includes the single ‘Sweet Nothing’, and marks the next stage in her ever-progressing style. Gabrielle has worked so hard and achieved so much and still she is only 24. Over the years, her style has changed from simple but crisp piano and guitar chords throughout a whole EP to collaborations with other artists, and use of effects created with new technology and equipment. If you like Gabrielle Aplin’s early material and feel as though you are quite a traditionalist, the new single Miss You’ may be quite a jump. But if you have followed her work, it has been a gradual progression to this style, and it stays true to her and all the quirks that we love. Gabrielle Aplin has always had soulful lyrics, beautiful melodies and extraordinary imagery and I feel this will never be lost no matter what she decides to work on. Though Gabrielle’s fan base has increased and her musical style has slightly shifted, she is a strong artist and doesn’t take herself too seriously. It’s great to see her go from strength to strength.

Gabrielle’s Miss You EP is available from iTunes. You can keep up with her via Twitter and Facebook.