(Warning: for those who haven’t read ‘The Woman: Part 1’ and ‘The Woman: Part 2,’ this instalment contains spoilers!)

“I can’t believe that damn cop made me drop my cigarette!” I clenched my hands into fists so hard my palms began to ache. I needed my meds; I could feel myself becoming more indignant with every passing moment. The feeling was exacerbated by the fact that I now had nothing to go on, nothing to tell me where to go next to find the worthless low-life that hurt my broad! I continued to pace down the road. A walk should clear my head.

“Molly, you call the station and tell them to send a squad car to help you out, tell them what’s happened. I need to go and catch that guy!” I jolted forward, nearly tumbling over myself out of sheer excitement. I knew it was wrong, but this is why I joined the force. I adore the thrill of the chase – it makes me feel alive. My mind was still tingling; the sense of euphoria still coursed through my veins like an effervescent mixture of  joy for finding who had committed such atrocities, and fear of having to apprehend the towering beast alone. Either way, I was catching up to him. I was closing in on his scent like a bloodhound closes in on a hare. The end was in sight.

Where do I go now? What am I supposed to be searching for? I am so confused; my meds usually suppress my active mind. I looked up towards City Peak. I always loved the rock formation here, it reminded me of the good ol’ days with Ma’ and Pa.’ But of course, the good ol’ days had ended a long time ago. All that was left now was the shattered remains and the empty shell of a man that I am today. The lack of meds was getting to me. I was feeling like a patient etherised upon an operating table, my insides felt like they were being washed around inside my body. The pulsating noises in my head were growing louder, louder, louder… “Shut up!” The street was bare. “Oh no, I’m losing it again!” I haven’t taken my meds in days; I needed to get to the top of City Peak before I hurt someone. Heck, I probably already have hurt someone and I wouldn’t know it. I ran.

I was getting short on breath; I wasn’t as young as I used to be. I had to speed this up; I was going to lose him at this pace. A pretty young woman in a red rain coat came out of the salon across the way. She looked hesitant at first, like she had just been confronted by a horrific creature. “Hey! Miss! Have you seen a tall, muscular fellow in a vest walk by?”

“Yes, oh it was horrible, he was strolling down the street like a normal guy, and then he just started to act out! I came out and walked over to him, I was gonna ask if he was okay, but then he yelled in the most devilish voice and I hide back inside. He ran off towards the cliffs, that away!”

“Thanks miss, you get home safe now.”

“Be careful mister, that guy doesn’t seem all there…” Her voice faded out as I headed for City Peak. I could make out a figure scaling the rock face. I have you now.

I’d made it, I’d reached the edge. This was what I wanted. I looked out over the city, the sun still piercing the horizon, but still bouncing rays off the towering metal structures down below. I flicked open my lighter and lit another menthol cigarette. CLICK! I felt the cold, hard metal of a standard issue colt pressed up against the back of my head. “Come to knock my cigarette out of my hands again copper?”

“Don’t move, you’re under arrest for the brutal murder of Sally Montgomery and Aleksandr Marchant, anything you say…”

“What?! I did not kill my Broad! You stupid cop! I’ll kill you!” I swivelled my entire being and lunged for the cop.

A struggle, a fist, a gun. Bang. A cigarette fell to the floor. Extinguished.


(Featured image creditAbstract vector designed by Balintseby – Freepik.com. Used under the Creative Commons Licence.)