Simon was on the floor of the living room, looking through the photo albums again. Photo were strewn around him as most had come out of their plastic bindings.

“It’s a jumble in here…” He paused looking up expectantly at the group sitting spaced out around the living room.

“Do you get it?”

“No. We don’t.” Nathan said casually as Simon began to put the photos back into their plastic covers.

“Oh come on! That used to crack ALL of you guys up!” He whined, pouting when no one agreed. He began to put the photo albums back in the box they belonged to.

“Can’t remember why.” Hannah mused nonchalantly putting her phone down to watch the youngest of their group. She caught Nathan’s eye and they shared a conspiratorial look.

“Yes. You. Do.” The boy grumbled punctuating each word with the thump of an album as he threw them into the box. It took restraint, and hands holding mouths, for them all not to laugh at the immature boy’s theatrics.

“No…” Jill drawled as she pulled her nose out of the book she was curled around. She gave in when she saw his big brown puppy eyes.

“Well maybe a little.” She smiled indulgently at his now grinning face. They all smiled as the boy picked up the box. There was a spring in his step as he left the room to put the albums back under the stairs of their shared house.

The first time Simon had made the joke was still a very clear memory for them all. They didn’t need a photo to remember such a great day. They had been moving into their house over a year ago. Hannah arrived first. Then Nathan and Jill had carpooled, putting most of Jill’s stuff in the roof box. As you can imagine the house was full of boxes, so an accident was bound to happen at some point.

It just so happened that point was when Simon flung the door open carrying his first load of boxes. The crash of him falling brought the other three out from the depths of the house. Hannah and Nathan tried to stifle their laughter at Simon’s sprawled out figure on the floor.

“Are you okay?” Jill asked crouching down by his head. Hannah came down the stairs and stood next to Nathan. They looked down at Simon and Hannah had to cover her mouth to stop the laughter. Simon moaned painfully, raising just his head and looked up at the only friend who seemed concerned for his life.

“It’s a jumble in here.” He said dropping his head back down causing Jill to smirk and the other two to burst out laughing. Jill chuckled as she helped him up.

“Hey! I might be dying here aren’t you going to help me?” They came over and shoved him a little pretending to look him over for injuries. Nathan shoved him a little and went back into the kitchen.

“You’re fine, idiot.” He called over his shoulder starting to unpack more boxes. Hannah laughed again, running out the door to Simon’s car to get the other boxes.

“And you lot are messy as hell.” Simon shouted looking from the kitchen to where Hannah went out the door, pouting. He looked at Jill for sympathy only getting a raised eyebrow.

(Featured image credit: Frame vector designed by Freepik. Used under the Creative Commons Licence.)