It doesn’t matter whether you’re starting your career in fashion as a magazine editor, illustrator or assistant, this industry requires you to look good all day every day. Put it this way: you can’t rest on your laurels – what you think looks good and what your colleagues think are probably two very different things. One thing’s certain: your outfit should always be an advertisement for the most cutting edge styles.

How we define ‘cutting edge’ is unfortunately somewhat hard to articulate. Depending upon the type of fashion business your working in, this will determine the blueprint of your look. If you’re working in an office creating bespoke suits tailored to order, then don’t turn up in your boot-cut jeans. At the same time, you wouldn’t want to try and pull off Berlin-chic in the office of a casual clothing brand. Trilogy Stores offer a few tips to help you pin down that often complicated but perfect office look.

Be a chameleon – be more Bowie

As a budding fashion student and entrepreneur, you’ll really want to show off your personality through your outfit. Always do this! Your individuality will help you create your own unique style – personalities can never be replicated. Icons have always used their clothes as a mode of self-expression – David Bowie’s looks ranged from tie-dye hippy to glittering glam rock star. Make sure you are always ready for change while articulating what makes you, you.

Match your outfit to the day

Outfits can be created depending upon what day of the week it is. On Mondays you should always be making a lasting impression, as let’s face it, Mondays are always the worst day of the week. Keep your more casual items for a Friday; you can relax knowing you’re moving smoothly into the weekend.

Build a working wardrobe of staples

If you want to work in fashion, then keeping to and moving with upcoming trends is also a vital part of your role. Oxford shirts, pencil skirts and black heels will leave you ready for any trends that you don’t see coming. Thinking about fashion in this way means your staple items should never go out of style.

Ready for your close-up

Whether we like it or not, in fashion, your hair and your make-up play a vital role in creating your stylistic personality. Look up industry publications and fashion shows in order to pinpoint what look will work best for you. Always remember to keep it simple – nobody likes a try-hard; minimalism is always an easy and effective look to pull off.

Showcase your personality

You can still dress professionally and add a quirky twist to everyday office wear. Items like rings, bracelets and scarves can add a flare that will complete any trend. However, don’t overdo it; use these items only when you feel you need them. Accessories that catch the eye can transform any outfit into something that you can wear to work, at the photo shoot or at the bar for after office cocktails.

Don’t be afraid of denim

Denim has and always will have its place in the office, particularly in the fashion world. Try a designer pair of Paige Jeans with a more casual ensemble, but don’t be afraid to go that extra catwalk mile – denim skirts are a carefree way of injecting fun into any workplace.

At the end of the working day, your outfit should still be suitable for any social plans that you have that night. Fashion will always change, but as long as you wear what expresses your individuality – while adhering to industry norms – you will always look great and stay ahead of the game.


Article provided by Trilogy, a denim specialist, stocking a wide range of brands such as AG Jeans and J Brand.

(Featured image credit: Design vector, designed by Freepik. Used under the Creative Commons Licence.)