Dstrkt 6 Presented by Grime of the Earth was yet another supreme success from the GOTE team. The winning format of the night has the loyal followers coming back for more every time.

This time the night took place at the popular Buyers Club on Hardman street in Liverpool City Centre. The trendy building has a clean, modern beer garden and a hip kitchen downstairs, where food and drinks are served by friendly and down-to-earth staff. People from all backgrounds find themselves stopping in at the venue, and their range of craft beers and fine wines are definitely worth a sample.

This night, however, the theme was Grime and urban upheaval. The GOTE team are known for their unorthodox ways and in-your-face behaviour, and they did not disappoint. The lads know what talent is, and they always find a way to stage the freshest new artists from the Liverpool music scene. They also know how to give their loyal followers value for their money, providing fried chicken and strong Caribbean punch all within the ticket price.

The atmosphere is loud and lively but always friendly and inclusive, and the music is always original and performed with passion. These guys love what they do!

The night kicked off with Shaff givin’ the crowd something to get their blood pumping and their heads bopping. Followed up by 4tune who brought the flavour and some funky hip hop riddims. Then came the starlet Remee, who brought the house down; with her beautiful, authentic voice, she drove the crowd wild and left them wanting more. After that, Suede Brown took the buttons and had the crowd skankin madly; the sweat started pouring and things got heated – one or two people dropped due to sound-induced paralysis. After that, one of  Liverpool’s hardest working artists took to the stage and did what he does best – Ctwo is one to look out for cos he won’t take no for an answer.

By this time, we were into the early hours and the punch had taken hold. Everyone was keen to see the goons they’d came down to experience. Grime of the Earth took to the stage and the unruly mob that was the crowd nearly broke out into a riot. The stage was almost stormed due to sheer excitement and the stewards had to restrain an assortment of determined groupies. Rugz, being the outstanding showman that he is, encouraged such unruly behaviour. The mic got lit, and the Boss of Bosses Ronnie Biggs made them feel his lyrical mastery. Everyone was in total awe of his material – and perplexed by his piercing glare. Gully Dredd was swinging his locks dem in a hypnotic fervour that lulled the crowd into a trance. His wild stage presence had people feeling a little bit frightened, like a wild lion was striking and advancing towards them. Once they left the stage, the crowd screamed themselves hoarse for an encore – but the lads of GOTE knew how to treat them mean and keep them keen. DJ Longie was left to pick up the pieces and did so like the dangerous button man that he is, leaving the crowd totally exhausted from the wild bodily convulsions that his vibes caused.

The open mic offered a chance for people to get up and spit some fire into an already decimated venue. Dstrkt 6 was an experience everyone should indulge in at least once. By no means will it be everyone’s cup of tea, but it was certainly mine.