Beans on Toast a folk singer from Braintree, Essex is embarking on a tour of local pubs around the UK this May. I caught up with Beans ahead of his ‘Down the Pub Tour’ to find out what we can expect from these out of the ordinary performances, along with his summer festival plans and his take on the controversial biscuit debate that has erupted recently on Twitter.

You can also find the Down the Pub tour dates and where to purchase tickets below.


When does your ‘Down the Pub’ tour commence?

It begins on the 4th May in Preston straight after my tour of Germany this month.

What is going to be different about this this tour compared to other tours you have done?

It’s different because it’s going to be down your local boozer rather than in music venues, although many of the pubs function as music venues as well. It’ll be more intimate in that sense too.

Are you going to be performing any new material that isn’t on your current album?

Yes definitely. I’m always writing and recording new stuff, I’ve been writing about an album a year. So I’ll definitely be performing lots of new material.

Do you have a favourite song from your current that you enjoy performing the most?

Not really, I don’t really look at it that way. I look at it more like an all in one package but if there is a song that I will enjoy performing the most it will be one that I have just finished writing before the tour and have never performed before.

Your music if quite down to earth, what and who are your influences?

Everything really. My music is made up of observations of my life and the world around me. My mum and dad weren’t musicians but they were massive music fans and had huge record collections. Music was just such a big thing growing up, we were always listening to something. My mum was a Beatles maniac, she used to chase them round the streets and my dad was a huge country and western fan. Then I rebelled as a teenager and started listening to hip-hop, before coming back with the tail between my legs and began listening to my dads records again.

Do you have a particular place or spot where you like to write?

Not really, it’s just important that you write in a place where no ones listening. You need privacy when you’re writing. Sometimes I won’t have time to write new music for 2 or 3 months and then I’ll sit down and write multiple songs in one evening.

Do you have any plans to do any other gigs or festivals following the Down the Pub tour?

Yeah it’s going to be non stop all summer, at least one festival every weekend starting with the Southhampton festival common people on the late bank holiday weekend in May. Some festivals have been announced and some haven’t yet but it’ll be something like 25 festivals this summer.

Have you have had a favourite place you’ve played or a favourite show to date?

Well I’ve just recently got off a cruise ship to the Bahamas which was a punk rock cruise from Miami to the Bahamas with a band called Flogging Molly. It was something I never thought i’d do off the back of the songs that I write so that was pretty wild. Also Glastonbury last year. It’s been a very important festival throughout my life and I had a particularly good set on the avalon stage which was a good stage too.

Will you be back playing at Glastonbury this year?

Urmmm, it’s a little too early for me to answer that one yet. But I will go whether I have a show or not.

In the wake of the Great Biscuit Debate on Twitter for Comic Relief, if you had to describe yourself as a biscuit which would it be and why?

I’d probably say a Chocolate Malted Milk because it’s an unsighted hero in the biscuit world i think.

And finally, is a Jaffa Cake a cake or a biscuit?

I think a Jaffa Cake can be whatever it wants to be.



You can buy tickets to Beans’ Down the Pub tour here and listen/purchase his latest tracks and albums here.