Guest articles

At The Student Review, we are happy to publish articles sent to us as guest posts, including those previously published elsewhere. Before sending your work to us, please consider the following points:

  • We encourage our writers to be opinionated, but not offensive or discriminatory
  • Formal language is not necessary but please use proper English
  • Refer to our style guide and check your spelling and grammar
  • There is no exact word limit but most of our articles are 1000-1500 words long
  • Particularly time-sensitive articles are given priority for publishing. Please let us know if your article is time-sensitive

To submit an article to be published by us, please email your article to and include your name along with the section of the newspaper you would like your story to be posted under (sport, technology, culture, etc). If you write for another website or blog and would like to be linked back to, we are happy to do so if you include your web address.

All articles are edited for spelling and grammar but authors are responsible for factual accuracy. We will not alter or edit out your opinions or views, and you will be given full credit for your work. If you use any images, please ensure they are appropriately licensed and that you include a link to their source.

Please note: We cannot accept content that is of a commercial, advertorial or promotional nature.

Creative writing

The Student Review also publishes short stories and works of fiction which are sent in to us.

Stories should be between 500 and 2000 words. Works of more than 2000 words are left to the editor’s discretion, and if accepted they may be split into multiple parts. All works will be edited for spelling and grammar; if incorrect spelling or grammar is necessary for artistic purposes, please indicate this in your email.

To submit a short story or work of fiction to be published by us, please email your work to


To submit a poem, please email your work to

Due to the possibility of incorrect grammar or spelling being used for poetic purposes, we cannot edit poetry before publishing it. You must therefore carefully check your work before you send it to us. If you would like your work to be formatted in a specific way, please indicate this in your email.

Join the team

We are always looking to recruit regular writers for the newspaper. If you think you’d like to join the team, please see our contact page.